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Something’s Off #SOL20

Right around the time schools closed (Was that only a week ago?), Ari began having trouble falling asleep at night. My son, who has always gone to sleep without a problem, began to wail when Marc left his room. He claimed he had to go to the bathroom one more time. He claimed he had to say good night to me one more time. He claimed he had to… Well, you get the idea.

Marc took over Ari’s bedtime routine after my surgery. Since I am still keeping my feet up as much as possible, Marc has tried a variety of things to help get Ari to sleep. He’s done everything from dancing Ari out of our bedroom — which gets a lot of laughs — to leaving his closet light on all night. (That was an epic fail when Ari woke up at 5:45 a.m. the following day since his room was bright.) Even extra bedtime stories haven’t helped!

This evening, in an effort to bring some sense of routine back to Ari, I FaceTimed in for nighttime prayers. Despite my intervention, Ari cried once Marc got ready to leave the room. But, then, he stopped. (Let me be clear, I don’t think I have any kind of magic powers here. I think this was coincidence!)

It’s been ten minutes since Marc shut the door. I think it’s too early to claim success, but I truly hope we’re turning the corner on drawn-out bedtimes.

Once we bedtime returns to normal, we have to determine how to get Ari to sleep in later in the mornings. This kid, who I used to have to wake up in order to get his sister to school on-time, is now waking up between 6:00 – 6:30 a.m. daily. That’s too early when there’s literally NO PLACE we have to/are supposed to go!

13 thoughts on “Something’s Off #SOL20

  1. >That’s too early when there’s literally NO PLACE we have to/are supposed to go!<

    I love the different things you've tried to help your son go to sleep. Facetime? Genius! I'm sure he senses a difference in things, and that, with time, he'll adjust to the new normal as well.

    I'm just not sure how well we adults will be able to adjust to it! 😦

    Thanks for sharing today, Stacey! ♥️

  2. I wonder if Ari’s having a hard time because he senses that things are so different (you on bed rest, coronavirus, isolation). Good thinking with the FaceTime! I hope he starts to settle soon…and sleeps in later!

    1. Oooh, that’s a good way to be! I made stop signs for our doors so that my daughter (who is 9 and is always up too early) quits waking us up early for no reason, (Emergencies are always an ok reason to wake!)

  3. I love that you Facetimed with him from your bedroom. Now that is creative. I can only imagine that between your foot & the pandemic, Ari is feeling off. My older guy, Thomas, just fell apart this afternoon, crying inconsolably and then telling me that it has NOTHING to do with our strict social isolation. Poor kids – it’s tough to articulate all this. I really hope that Ari stayed down & that you can get him to sleep in, too!

  4. I hear you on our kids waking up earlier and not having anywhere to go. I tell Pablo, go back to sleep and fingers crossed, the last two days, we woke up at 6:30 but he went back down until 8. Fingers crossed we keep that pattern for our next two holidays days.

  5. Hopefully, it’s just a quick phase. Your title, Something’s Off, is pretty spot on right now. For Ari, maybe this is his way of letting everyone know he’s not cool with this situation. Or, he just wants extra snuggles.

  6. I hope this phase is a short one. He surely feels that things are different, and it’s easy to imagine that playing havoc with is regular routines. Wishing you all more rest!

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