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Pandemic Package #SOL20

Sent package to you today by UPS. Something for Ari, Iz, and you.

Text from Lynne — 3/18/20.

I received an e-mail notification from UPS that a package was delivered this afternoon. I used that as a cue to wrap up the afternoon homeschool instruction.

Isabelle helped me downstairs for what was my first time walking down the stairs on crutches. I instructed her to take the brown package sitting at our front door and bring it to my office. Once we arrived there, I used scissors to remove the packing tape. Next, I discovered three gift bags.

“Which one is mine?” Isabelle asked.

Special Delivery from Lynne

I encouraged her to look for a card or a label. Once she found her name, she opened the ISABELLE bag, which revealed a sweet, stuffed unicorn and some sparkly bracelets. Next, I unwrapped my gift, which was a beautiful scarf I will look forward to wearing once I eventually leave the house again!

Ari was napping so we left his present for him on the counter. After he woke up, Isabelle brought his present upstairs to him. Inside, there were two stuffed animals. He liked both, but was drawn toward the gray and white panda a bit more since he thought it was related to Patchy, who is the stuffed dog Lynne and her husband Ralph bought him for his third birthday.

Moments after opening the present, Ari dashed to his room. He returned to my bedroom, held Patchy the Dog and his new panda (who hasn’t received a name yet) to me, and said, “I think they’re brothers!”

“I think you’re right,” I replied. Who am I to say that a dog and a panda can’t be related?

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22 thoughts on “Pandemic Package #SOL20

  1. I feel like I need to create and send some pandemic packages. This is a great idea. And, for the record, there are some unusual stuffed animal relations in our house, too. Wonder what he’ll name the panda?

  2. Your slice reveals lots about your family. You help each other. You have caring friends. Your house is a peaceful place to take a nap. Your son is creative! Because of the details you included, I learned lots. Such a sweet slice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A pandemic package – wow! I am constantly rebooted with the compassion and kindness that we can show to one another and all of the great examples there are to revel in. What a great way to bring light and laughter to you and your family. Thank you for sharing a slice of the good parts life.

  4. It’s the little things that brighten our day! I felt a little worried for you as I pictured your descent down the stairs on crutches–though I’m sure the change of scenery was welcome!

  5. Unexpected gifts always brighten a day! These days, it is even more exciting to get something unexpected because it helps the mood.:) I loved the last line – “Who am I to say that a dog and a panda can’t be related?” It made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

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