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Cletus and Roscoe are back. #SOL20

After I hurt my ankle this fall, Ari took to engaging in imaginative play that involved Cletus and Roscoe (the goats he adores from Oregon Dairy) while hanging out on my bed. We’d take pretend trips to the grocery store. Cletus and Roscoe would take turns driving us there in their shuttle van. (Because all goats drive people around in shuttle vans, of course.)

I don’t know what made Ari think of this a couple of nights ago, but he wanted to “play Cletus and Roscoe” again. This time, Cletus and Roscoe were going to drive us on a road trip. Ari told me I needed to book four hotel rooms: one for the four of us + his three puppies, one for my parents, one for my in-laws, and one — wait for it — for Cletus and Roscoe.

“Cletus and Roscoe get their own room?!”

“Yes!” he declared.

“One king bed or two double bed?” I asked Ari.

“Two doubles,” he replied.

“What if the hotel has two queens. Will each goat sleep in a queen size bed?” I inquired.

“Yes, they will,” Ari replied matter-of-factly.

After a couple of days of me pretending to book hotel rooms, Ari decided to book four hotel rooms for us, both sets of his grandparents, and his goats when we were playing earlier this evening.

“Did you remember to book adjoining rooms?” I asked.

“Hold on,” he told me. Ari put his playing card phone back up to his ear and bellowed “We’d like ad-joind-ing rooms please!”

He paused. A moment later, Ari proceeded to give the pretend reservations agent a credit card number. He listed way more than a sixteen digit card number, in the most random clustering of numbers, which made me laugh aloud. It was exactly the levity I needed today.

I believe the hotel reservation was already made when I snapped this picture.

18 thoughts on “Cletus and Roscoe are back. #SOL20

    1. They really are fun. I should’ve recorded him. But every time I take out the recording device on my phone, he becomes more contrived. It’s hard to capture the true essence of him when I’m recording with a device.

  1. Two goats who want their own hotel room and are taking you on a road trip. I only have one question. What’s the first stop?

    1. That’s a great question. I’m not sure, but I know we packed bathing suits. (Apparently, Ari told me that Cletus and Roscoe are borrowing my bathing suits, which I’m definitely NOT okay with.)

  2. Wow! What an expensive night in the hotel!:) He sounds like he’s ready to be independent and tackle the world. We could use his passion, honesty, and imaginative/creative mind.

  3. It makes complete sense to book hotel rooms for goats and puppies. Especially if the goats drive a bus. The playfulness and creative thinking of a child is what we all might benefit from.

  4. This whole slice just screams sweetness! The image of the two of you in this conversation puts a smile on my face! I just my first breakfast laugh! Thanks, Stacey. Thanks, Ari!

  5. I love that he is planning this trip, and getting them their own room. Thanks for this bit of fun.

  6. I love the innocence of children and their imaginations. I wish I had captured more of these conversations when my kids were little. It will be a gift to him to read someday!

  7. I thin Ari may grow up to be a writer of children’s stories! We can all envy his wonderful imagination and the confidence he has in the stories he creates. The details about the number of rooms – who is going – specifically adjoining rooms – I had a good giggle this morning!

  8. I like how the goats get their own room. I guess they won’t disturb anyone else if they are by themselves. Love your son’s imagination.

  9. I love his imagination. Don’t you wonder how they put this all together? I’m glad that Ari’s inviting so many of his loved ones on his trips – and I think he’s probably right about letting the goats have their own room. I mean, who wants to share their room with goats?

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