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A United Parenting Front

I had just won my second straight game of Uno against Isabelle when Marc walked into our bedroom and asked Isabelle, “Did you get your books?”

“No,” she replied.

I had no idea what books he was referring to so I simply replied, “We’ve been up here playing Uno.”

I put the cards back in a pile and wrapped a rubber band around them.

I was about to shuffle the cards for another game when Marc said, “Isabelle was supposed to get her books and bring them downstairs a few minutes ago.”

“Time to go downstairs,” I replied.

“Can we play another game?” Isabelle asked.

“Nope. Maybe after you get home from dinner. But right now your job is to get your books, go downstairs, and put your shoes on for dinner.”

Like I said, I have no idea what Isabelle was supposed to do with her books. But if there is one thing I know from 9+ years of parenting is that you need to have a united front with your co-parent.

So, off Isabelle went downstairs.

{Five minutes later.}

“Where are your books?” I heard Marc ask Isabelle from downstairs.

“Oh, I left them upstairs,” she replied.

I heard footsteps going upstairs. I was curious about what could possibly be going on, but I decided to mind my own business and lay in bed instead.

Here I am, minding my own business, with an ice pack behind my left knee.

27 thoughts on “A United Parenting Front

  1. What a wonderful look into your journey as a mom. Nine-year-olds are not always predictable. I love the united front you share as a parent.

    1. We try to back each other up. Lately Ari has tried to play us by saying that the other parent gave him permission to do ____, when that was never said. He is starting to realize that isn’t really working out for him since we actually talk to one another. 😂

  2. I love how you weren’t bothered by what she had really been asked to do, but you stuck by Marc’s side. That’s the mark of good parenting, for sure. 🙂 Hope you are healing!

  3. Yes, for sure our kids can be super annoying plus super vague about following instructions. Glad that you could maintain the co-parenting front, although it must be very frustrating at times like this not to be able to get to the bottom of the situation!

    1. My husband and I try to discuss our different perspectives on situations away from the kids. We tend to trust each other’s instinct. And when we do disagree, which does happen, we try not to do it in front of the kids. We are 90% successful with that. Like everyone, we skip up plenty.

  4. Sounds like many conversations we’ve had over the years.
    “If Dad said _____then go ___. ” Not up for debate!
    We are lucky if we are part of a parenting team. You and Marc sound like a great team.

  5. Kids certainly have selective hearing, don’t they? It’s obvious you’re a great co-parenting team! Hope your foot is starting to feel better!

  6. Selective hearing, yes, and don’t you love it when kids play one parent against the other? That’s even happening in my classroom this year since we have 3 adults due to the needs of my cohort. I swear they answer shop!

  7. Distracting you with the cards! What a trick. Nine is such a fun age. I’m really enjoying it with my daughter.

    Hope your leg isn’t hurting too much I’m sure everyone will be glad to have you back downstairs!

  8. Did you do the paintings? They are so good! I love to draw and try my hand at watercolors from time to time, but haven’t quite mastered it yet.
    I think pitting one parent against the other is as old as time. It’s amazing when the kids realize you are a united front, that you see what’s going on.

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