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My Tiny Sous Chef #SOL20

Back in December, when I could barely tolerate watching the evening news anymore, I started watching holiday baking competition shows. Ari noticed me watching one and wanted to view too. Soon thereafter, we started watching old seasons of “Kids Baking Championship” with each other. Whenever time permitted, we watched an episode of it in the evening.

Well, for the past week, time has permitted us to finish season two and to start season three of “Kids Baking Championship” together. Tonight’s episode was about tie-dye cakes. As we watched, I recorded some
of Ari comments:

  • Ooh, we made that! (He was talking about ganache.)
  • It’s so many colors!
  • I think that kid’s going home!
  • (Responding to me after I declared something didn’t look tasty.) I’d eat that, Mommy!
  • Where’s Duff?
  • Can we bake that together? (As soon as I’m better buddy.)
  • Uh-oh, he made a mess!

It doesn’t matter if he’s sitting up, laying down, or holding my hand, I adore watching this show and dreaming about all of the goodies we’ll bake together once I’m on my feet again.

26 thoughts on “My Tiny Sous Chef #SOL20

  1. We love baking contest shows so much that when we get our kids and the cousins together we have baking competitions – the kids have made cupcakes, holiday cookies, doughnuts, and milkshakes. My father and I are the judges – best job ever. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy season three!

  2. Ooh – I’ve never even heard of “Kids Baking Championship”. Definitely going to add this to the list of things to watch with my younger child – he loves baking. Also: tie-dye cakes? Um, sign me up!

  3. This is so lovely. Dreaming about what you will make together. I had no idea there was such a show! Hoping you will be baking up a storm with Ari soon.

    1. We did a lot of baking before my surgery. I look forward to doing more with him. (Though I think he has aspirations of me making things that are beyond my technical level… like Pate a Chou.)

  4. Some of my warmest memories are cooking in the kitchen w/them. Animal shaped pancakes ( well sort of), cookies that turned more into patties, and smoothies that weren’t so smooth. The best of of times!

  5. I have yet to watch a single baking show and yet … all sorts of friends say it is worth it. Huh. I love that connection you have with your son over baking. Hope you heal up soon.

  6. This slice resonates with me. My grandsons love cooking shows. Right now, they are on an Alton Brown kick. All of them love baking with me too. You will be back enjoying time in the kitchen together soon. For now, enjoy the show!

    1. I’ve never been able to get into Alton Brown’s shows. He’s got a ton of knowledge, but there’s something about his delivery that doesn’t match with my personal viewing style.

  7. Oh little tiny hand,be still my heart! I was was prepped to write a very different comment until that last pic. Now I’m all teared up! This slice is fun and sweet. We’ve majorly indulged in The great British baking show the past couple years and it’s a bonding thing no doubt. Please please please make all the delicious things! He’ll remember them and you’ll never forget the moments that come from this. Absolutely love this one!

    1. Somehow I think tie-dye cakes will be in my future. Heaven help us!

      Yes, holding hands with him is precious. I was lucky I caught it since he was my dominant hand, which meant I took the photo with my unsteady one.

  8. I’m pretty sure Ari and my youngest grandson would get along well. Hayden loves these shows and always wants to try things. And that last picture of you holding hands. Love. I can only imagine how hard this time is for you and your family (Mom on bedrest! Yikes!) But special moments will stand out and I think this is one.

    1. It’s fun to watch and then try it yourself. We did that with sugar cookies and had a good time making them. However, Ari went a little overboard with the cookie cutters.

  9. Your writing is full of love! I’m also a mom–one of my sons and I went through a major baking phase together, complete with cooking shows and kitchen trials. Best wishes on your recovery, but in the meantime, it sounds as if you’re keeping the hobby alive.

    1. I’m doing my best from bed! I don’t know if he’ll be able to wait the 8+ weeks it’ll probably take till I can make something simple. Maybe another family member will bake with him.

  10. Baking together is such a wonderful bonding time. Watching cooking shows together is fun too. you will make the dreams reality when you are well again.
    Now that my kids are older, there is more watching cooking shows and less baking together me. When all my three daughters are at home, they sometimes have late night baking when i am already in bed.

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