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Too Many Puhl-ohs! #sol20

I’ve spent 99.9% of the last 48 hours in bed. Why? I had foot reconstruction surgery on Thursday and have been laying around ever since.

It might be TMI, but, dear Slicers, I know we’re going to get close during the month of March so I feel like I can share this with you. I wasn’t allowed to shower until my nerve block ran out and could be removed. Once it was out at 4:15 p.m., I showered immediately.

Before I showered, I requested help from my family. I needed the bed linens changed since there was no way I was crawling back onto the same sheets after living in it, unshowered, for two days. They were happy to oblige.

Once I was settled and out of the shower, the bed needed all of its pillows back. As soon as Ari heard the word pillows he began to mispronounce it in his cute toddler voice.

“Puhl-ohs!” he said over and over again.

“Do you want to help put the pillowcases on?”

He nodded and made his way over to the bed to “help.” I’m not sure how much help he was with the pillowcases.

By the time I returned to my bedroom, I noticed the duvet cover was rumpled (probably by him) and the throw pillows hadn’t made it onto the bed.

“Can you help me put the blue and white throw pillows on the bed?”

Little Pillow Helper

One-by-one, Ari tossed the throw pillows onto the bed. Granted, all of them were at the foot of my husband’s side of the bed, but at least they were where I could grab one. And it’s a good thing, because I require a lot of pillows nowadays. When I sit up in bed, I have my king-size pillow on the bottom, then a king-size sham, and two throw pillows on top to support my neck. Under my knees is an 8” post-surgery elevating leg rest, which makes it hard for me to type on my iPad. (Maybe that’s a sign that I should be doing nothing more than watching TV right now.) Alas, once I got cozy in bed, Ari declared “Too many puhl-ohs!”

He’s right. There are too many pillows here for someone living a normal life. But I’m going to be in bed for the next six weeks so I think I have just the right amount of puhl-ohs surrounding me.

Showered, but no makeup, is good enough for me.

49 thoughts on “Too Many Puhl-ohs! #sol20

  1. Oh my goodness…6 weeks?! It’s hard to disagree with your little cutie…but my thinking has always been that you can never have enough pillows OR puhl-ohs. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    1. Yep, no weight-bearing for three weeks. I should get the splint off in three weeks, at which point I’ll get moved into a boot. I should be allowed to bear partial-weight for weeks four, five, and six. Then, I can start PT. It’s a long haul!

  2. I’m glad that your foot is finally being truly fixed, but – oh! – six weeks is a long time. Good thing you have so many pillows for Ari to help you arrange; it’ll help keep him busy. Good luck to all of you for the next month and a half!

  3. I know how much this experience has been for you… and now more. You are strong. How lucky you are to have Ari (and your other family members) there to pitch in and keep you company. Wishing you a speedy recovery. ❤️

    1. Yes! I’m surrounded by helpers, which is great since I can’t do much. (I was proud of myself for getting dressed by myself this morning. It’s something we take for granted when we are well, but little things become so hard when you don’t have all of your body parts working.)

  4. I’m in awe that you are still writing posts! I have never had major surgery but being bed-ridden can’t be easy. As I’m commenting, I wish I had more pillows to snuggle with and be super squishy ha. My cat takes up half of mine anyways so more would be better in this case 🙂

    1. I know my posts won’t be of the highest quality this month. Neither will my comments. (I can’t seem to find a position where I’m comfortable with my laptop yet so I have to do it all from my phone, which is hard!) Alas, it’ll be good for me to have things to read from this wonderful community of writers.

  5. In bed for six weeks -!!! I do hope you can get into a very comfortable writing position! Sweet Ari, Pitching in (literally) to help. That shower business … believe me, I understand. I am still wearing the orthopedic boot for my broken foot but as of Day 2 I started taking it off to shower. It is a precarious business. Be careful! Here’s to your healing, your endurance, and the SLOSC taking you out of the moment for nice long stretches.

    1. I was in a boot for 7.5 weeks this fall after I broke my ankle so I have a bit of practice with moving around in a boot. The shower isn’t easy, but it’s easier now than it was back then since I know what to hold onto and how to move. Therefore, I feel your pain as you get acclimated to getting back to the activities of daily living. It’s no joke!

  6. Good luck,Stacey! I do hope your recovery goes smoothly. I was on bedrest for 10 weeks once–full out bedrest, though with (thank God!) bathroom “privileges.” I fully appreciate the importance of strategically placed pillows! I was told that finding something tedious to procrastinate about helps time go faster–so maybe albums you’ve been meaning to organize, files to sort…I’m so impressed that you made it to the first day. I hope that focus on writing daily will be helpful as well. Clearly you have a built in entertainment committee in your children. Thinking of you!

  7. In bed for six weeks… Pillows, good sheets, a good Netflix playlist, some books… Wishing you all the things you need to recover. Way to go, writing this first day. Think of how many things you’ll be able to tell us about from your new vantage point. All the best. Looking forward to reading all about your recovery.

    1. I really need to get Netflix up and running. I really want to watch the Great British Baking Show (and I think that’s where it resides).
      I’m a little worried about how I’ll find things to write about from bed, but that is going to be part of my challenge. It’ll force me to look closer.

  8. Yes, you need many pillows, the real and metaphorical, to get through the six weeks. Knowing you, you will find the strength, patience and resilience necessary for the recovery. And you will be mom and teacher and writer and keep giving to others. Make sure you take care of yourself first.

    1. Yes! I’m replying to comments and then I’m going to rest. I went overboard trying to comment on new Slicers’ blogs this morning. Now I need to put my head down and rest.

  9. Much like books, I don’t think there is such a thing as too many pillows….unless of course, said pillows prevent a toddler from crawling into bed for snuggling! Wishing a speedy recovery and all the healing properties the pillows can provide!

    1. He is a great snuggler! He comes in at night to watch “Kids Baking Championship.” (We are about to finish season 2. We have enough shows to last my entire recovery.)

  10. Oh, dear. I will be thinking of you. My orthopedist and podiatrist have recommended reconstruction -someday- for a congenital issue. Their description of the recovery has made me think I’m good for now, maybe forever. (Mine included four months no weight bearing. Uh, no thanks.) My heart certainly goes out to you! It’s a big deal! Best wishes in your healing.

  11. You can never have enough pillows in bed. (Especially if you have a pet- you need a dedicated pillow for them.)
    I love how you used Ari’s comment ‘Too many pillows!’ as the inspiration for this slice. Taking another person’s perspective and defining it from your eyes is a good idea for a slice.
    Thanks for sharing a nugget of your day with us. I wish you a speedy recovery and a bevy of good books to read whilst you are in bed.

  12. I hope you are healing…surgery is no joke! I’m glad you are finding time to write as you recover. Your little Ari is too cute! Welcome back to year 13!

    1. I was unsure if I’d be able to slice. However, I’m able to write on my phone. (I can’t tolerate a laptop on my legs yet.) It won’t be my strongest writing, but it’ll be here.

      Thrilled to have you back for another March Marathon!

  13. Wishing you quick healing and so glad you have a pillow helper. They are needed when stuck in bed. (6 weeks – yikes) That said I am sure you will be very happy to have this foot fixed. Spring is coming and by the time you can be up and walking it will be wonderful outside. At least I hope! Happy healing! ( Also glad you feel well enough to join us – at least once in awhile!)

  14. I so related on the showering part, lol! I’ve had several back pain device trials where I couldn’t shower the entire time it was in, usually 7 days, one was 9 days 😱

      1. Yeah, it was definitely horrible. I at least had my husband wash my hair every day. And sponge baths. But it was still so gross! Especially with a ton of irritating tape on my my whole back. Ahhhh!

  15. Yikes! I can’t imagine being confined to bed that long. 6 weeks. Uff Da! But it sounds like you have a great little helper and lots of slicing friends to keep you going. Heal fast, Stacey.

  16. Ari is the best. I can just imagine his glee while “helping.” I wish you could push fast forward on this recovery but hopefully, you will continue to gather little memories like this one that makes it more tolerable.

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