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A Coffee Spill Like No Other

Can you spot the problem with my sweater in the photo below?

Perhaps, if you zoom in closely, you’ll notice it has some coffee spilled on the front of it. It’s hard to notice, though, since the sweater is beige.

A typical three-year-old would neither care, nor notice, said coffee spills, especially since they were dry. However, my three-year-old overheard me mention that I accidentally spilled coffee on myself after leaving the house this morning. So it won’t surprise you then when I approached him for a hug, he recoiled.

“Why won’t you give me a hug?” I asked.

“You have coffee on you!” Ari replied.

I sniffed my sweater. The smell of coffee hadn’t completely dissipated, but it wasn’t offensive.

“How do you know I have coffee on me?” I asked.

He gave me a DUH look, pushed me away, and said, “I’ll give you a hug later*.”

Seeing as I’m not the kind of person who forces my kids to hug me, I didn’t push. However, he’s something, isn’t he?

* = I got my “later hug” at bedtime tonight. And, yes, I was freshly showered and, therefore, wearing clean clothes.

16 thoughts on “A Coffee Spill Like No Other

  1. You never know what they will say or do next! I’m sure it had to do with the “overhearing”. Otherwise he’d never have noticed.
    Sorry I won’t be joining the March Challenge for the first time in five years. I just can’t seem to get in a groove this year, but I will read and comment instead. Good luck with it all!

  2. I couldn’t spot the coffee. Who would have thought that a child could notice. I wonder if you had spilled a sweet smelling strawberry drink would you have received two hugs.

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