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The Irony

I called Ari’s pediatrician yesterday to request an appointment this morning in case he woke up with a fever again. When I was on the phone with the nurse, she told that if he has a fever, he would need to wear a mask over his mouth and nose in the waiting room. The nurse paused after telling me that and said, “I realize he’s only three years old and that is hard to do.” We both had a chuckle.

This morning. Ari woke up with a fever for the fifth consecutive day so I took him to the pediatrician. I tried convincing him that we would wear masks over our faces and pretend to be superheroes in disguise. It did not work. This is what he looked like:

A face mask doesn’t do much when you wear it like a beard!

I’m happy to report that his test came back negative for the flu. So at least Ari didn’t infect anyone when he wore his mask below his chin this morning!

Next objective: get him well!


5 thoughts on “The Irony

  1. Poor little guy. Hope he gets well soon. Glad it isn’t the flu. Maybe he needed a cape to go with the mask. A super hero needs a cape so he can fly. 😊

  2. I’m glad he doesn’t have the flu! Your superhero gambit was a valiant effort – I am impressed. And, if you didn’t get the mask on the three-year-old, at least you got a cute picture.

  3. Sorry to hear Ari is under the weather. Guess it’s that time of year. What a sweet moment however, a beautiful slice. It made me smile. Thank you.

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