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This is bedtime.

This guitar has four strings left and is massively out of tune.

I was minding my own business — sitting fully-clothed on a shower chair alternating my injured foot between buckets of hot and cold water — when I heard my husband tell Isabelle, “You need to pick out your pajamas now or your brother is going to be playing guitar in your bedroom.”

Before I could question the absurdity of that statement, Ari appeared in striped pajamas. He made his way into my bathroom with an upside-down guitar singing the new “Blues Clues” theme song.

Then he started singing “Oh, Chanukah!”

And then he left while carrying his guitar to the next destination carefully saying “I’m not going to hit into the walls with my guitar.”

I had to laugh. After what was a day filled with a meeting, appointments, and some not-so-good news, I needed the comic relief.


18 thoughts on “This is bedtime.

  1. ❤️our oldest son at that age wanted a gintar as he called it. His grandparent bought him drums instead. When he was 10 we finally did buy that guitar which he learned to play.

  2. I think Ari playing guitar in your bedroom should be the newest punishment….”If you don’t eat your vegetables, Ari will play guitar in your bedroom!”…”If you don’t finish your homework, Ari will play guitar in your bedroom!” This was so cute and funny. The traveling musician who NEVER bumps into the probably freshly painted walls.

  3. When I read your hook – bedtime didn’t go as planned and then read your piece. I think it did go as planned by someone other than you. Someone knew you needed a pick me up, a smile, a memory to cherish. Keep on singing Ari.

    1. I did need it last night — for sure.
      We had to take the guitar away since it was getting banged into too many walls. He now has a new instrument that he “strums” while he sings. It’s my cane. (Oye.)

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