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The Cowlick

I have experience managing curly hair. Therefore, when the back of Ari’s hair started to curl into a mullet around the time of his first birthday, I was thrilled (About the curls, not the mullet.)! Around 14 months of age, I had Ari’s curls lopped off in favor of a little-boy cut. I’ve kept it short ever since because his hair got coarser on top, but never curled again.

This Waterlogue doesn’t do justice to how intense this morning’s cowlick was.

And perhaps that’s why I am at a loss with how to handle what’s happening with his hair now. Rather than a curly mullet, he has something unsavory happening with his hair. He has a cowlick.

This morning, Ari came into my room with an epic cowlick. It was sticking straight up into a point at the back of his head.

“Buddy, I need to put some product into your hair since it’s a little sticky-uppy.”

Do you think he complied by marching to the bathroom so I could shellac in onto his head? Of course not. HE IS THREE! He ran down the hall. Seeing as I’m walking with a cane, there was no way I was going to engage in a game of chase.

Eventually, Ari returned. I used two quarter-size portions of product to get his hair to stay flat. It worked, but I know that cowlick will return tomorrow despite my best efforts.

Any tips from boy moms would be appreciated since I have every intention of keeping Ari’s hair short.

17 thoughts on “The Cowlick

  1. My advice: embrace the cowlick! He’ll out grow it eventually. My son has two in the front, on either side of his head. My brother had the same…and when he started to bald it was exactly in those two spots.

  2. I’m with Lisa. My two boys are still currently bald, so I have no experience with boy hair. Embrace the cowlick! He’s such a cutie!

  3. Stacey, Firstly, I loved this post! I have three boys, all of whom have cowlicks! But, they are now 25, 20, and 18 years of age! My youngest had the worst cowlick of all – he has two swirls making the cowlick double the trouble! Keeping hair cut short was our solution when they were young. Now that they all get their own hair cuts and my youngest has elected to keep his hair “long-ish” on top, he does choose and use his own product. Most, if not all, of their yearly childhood pictures, are fine! My son’s first pediatrician, a Chinese gentleman, said that the cowlicks are a sign of intelligence! He’ll be fine –

  4. Cute post! I have two boys and they just have to keep their hair a little longer in the cowlick area or have a buzz cut, or yes, it sticks straight up. But like your other readers…I find this look endearing. My boys are both teenagers now…I miss those “sticky-uppy” days!

  5. Ah, the cowlick! My oldest has “difficult” hair – including a cowlick and a double crown. I’m with everyone above – embrace the cowlick when you can. And find a good hairdresser. My husband & my youngest go to the barber; I take the kid with the complicated hair to a salon. It’s a little more expensive but the guy knows how to work with the crazy. And when it sticks up, I just imagine Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes & giggle.

    1. I was hoping you’d read this since I knew you might have advice since you have two boys. Now I will always think of Calvin — because of your comment — when I look at Ari’s morning hair.

  6. Oh boy, it is so tricky and cowlicks do not play nice. I loved your slice though and I could just imagine him running away and perhaps squealing a little bit! Oh the joys (and tortures) of three. 🙂

  7. Three-year-olds don’t have to conform to hairstyle rules. Save the product for family photos! My kids had baby-fine, curly hair when they were tots; some of my favorite photos are the messy-head ones. Their hair can change so much; son has thick, coarse curly brown hair (curls from me), daughter has straight, thick blond hair (not from me!).

  8. Hey, Stacey. Sorry, but I don’t have any advice about the cowlick. My son has curly hair that has morphed from really short to an Afro to a short Afro. Is that even a thing? I have always liked it shorter (you can see more of his face that way), but everyone loves his curly hair. I finally embraced it and at 15 he is the boss of his own hair. So, I guess this is to say: control as much as you can/want now, but when he’s older he will be the boss! LOL!

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