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Awaiting Our Forever Home

I wrote a post for SOL Tuesday. I was in the midst of revising and editing it when I attempted to save the post, I was met with this:

A screenshot of the post I attempted to post today.

Then I tried to publish. I could go back and fix it up after it went live. That didn’t work.

So here I am. I’m frustrated. So I’m pushing myself to write something new, as opposed to retyping.

How many more days will it be
Once the siding and shake are up?
My daughter is impatient because she is
Eager to move in so we can start the rest of our lives.


10 thoughts on “Awaiting Our Forever Home

  1. Persistence . . . in the face of adversity with technology.
    Love I’s impatience. When we were finishing our house (I was in HS), we had a joke about it being completed at the rate of “a board a day”. Some progress is not so visibly measured!


  2. Gah! I can imagine the frustration. Still, you got something posted – and the picture is nice. We are renovating right now and living in a (tiny) apartment. We had to make a major change in plans and now we’re way behind schedule. I really want to be done, so I’ll delight with you when you get to move in. Fingers crossed it’s in a month!

  3. I have a new student in my class who’s living in a trailer at a campsite while their new home is being remodeled. She could surely relate to Isabelle’s impatience with the process! Wishing you smooth and speedy progress with the rest of this journey!

  4. Okay, I think you know my feelings about acrostic poems… but this one might have changed my mind… at least a little! I’m so happy for you and your family to soon be in your new home!

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