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Little Man in a Belt

It was early. Too early for summertime. Regardless, we were up for the day. That’s when Ari surprised me with a fashion request.

“I want to wear a belt,” Ari stated.

“Why?” I asked.

“I wanna wear a red belt!”

Of course he wasn’t going to tell me why. He. Is. Two.

He doesn’t need a belt because his pants fit him thanks to adjustable waistbands. However, I didn’t feel like getting into a battle of the wits before 5:30 a.m. Therefore, I grabbed a pair of jeans from his drawer and found the “red belt,” which was really burgundy, white, and blue. Close enough.

I stood in front of Ari and snaked the belt through the loops. I encouraged Ari to turn a bit after each loop. What did he do every time he turned? Giggled. And I mean BIG GIGGLES.

“What’s so funny?” I asked while feeling a little cranky that putting the belt on couldn’t be quick. (Remember, I hadn’t had coffee yet!)

“I’m wearing a belt!” Ari declared.

I smiled. “Yes you are!”

By the end of breakfast, Ari’s navy shirt was untucked from his jeans and was covered in oatmeal. Therefore, I grabbed a gray shirt — that kinda matched — and put it on Ari. Because, as I told Marc, “There’s no way he’s taking that belt off today!” Marc nodded knowingly.

Right after we changed shirts and retucked the gray shirt, I insisted on a photo. Ari sported his silliest “Cheese!” face and I got my photo.

9 thoughts on “Little Man in a Belt

  1. “He. Is. Two.” Oh yes. My second was a crack of dawn (and earlier) riser for years. It’s only this year (he’s now 8) that we have ever seen him sleep until 7 – and it was glorious. On the other hand, you still get early morning giggles…

  2. Two year olds have a mind of their own! Rose insists on putting her pants on herself. She hasn’t been able to get them on independently yet… but she hasn’t given up. It’s funny what they get their mind on! Sweet boy!

  3. That is just too stinkin’ sweet! I love how you capture his giggling excitement and contrast it with your realistic, yet indulging mom thoughts. I love this whole moment! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved reading your early morning moment. And even more wonderful that you’ve captured it forever! He will giggle even louder reading it as an adult.

  5. What a beautiful memory to have recorded, through the eyes a mother. Your words captured such a sweet image. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in time.

  6. I love the fact that you highlight “” I’m convinced that the “terrible twos” are really just a phase in communication development; they have so much going on in that growing sponge-of-a-brain of theirs, but not enough vocabulary to express it. There must have been a great, even if unknown, reason to wear a belt that day!

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