A Great Lunch Date

Smiling with Her Lunch

Isabelle and I were out the door early for some medical appointments. My parents spent the morning with Ari so we had the chance to go out for lunch — just the two of us — after her appointments were finished.

“Can we go to that grill place where they have the toys I liked to play with when I was younger?” Isabelle asked.

I knew she was referring to the Chocolate Avenue Grill. It used to be one of my favorite lunch places in Hershey… until I stopped eating gluten in 2015. Now there are about five things on the menu — none of which I really want — that I can eat. However, she asked sweetly… so I said yes.

After Isabelle realized she was a bit too old for the toy bins in the foyer, we continued to our table. Isabelle and I chatted while she colored. She ate all of her food and drank her juice without me nagging her once. It was downright delightful.

Once I paid the check, we made our way through the raindrops to our minivan. Once we were inside, I turned around to check if she was buckled. I was about to say something when Isabelle said, “That was really nice. I liked having lunch with you, Mommy. Just us.”

I smiled. “I know you love your brother. We all do. But Ari is challenging to eat out with these days, isn’t he?”

She nodded.

“Should we do this more in the summertime?” I asked.

Isabelle nodded vigorously.

Therefore, I made a mental note to make sure we have more meals out — just the two of us. We both need it.

12 thoughts on “A Great Lunch Date

  1. I’m one of three girls & I still remember the excitement of going to a restaurant by myself with one of my parents. Oh, the memories – so glad you and Isabelle created some memories today.

    1. I’m an only child so I had loads of 1:1 time with my parents. Now that I have kids, it is much more rare. Oh, how I long for the days I went shopping with my mom or out to breakfast with my dad. Even though I’m grown, I still have such fond memories of those times with my parents — alone.

  2. Keep making time for one on one – so important. I still remember the times I spent 1:1 with my parents more than anything else. She may even pick a different restaurant next time! Love the glimpse into your evolving relationship.

  3. What fun to get that alone time with her and a great summer goal to do it more often. I am looking forward to some 1:1 time with my mom in a few days, then with my younger son a few days later. Summer is for time!

  4. I love that Isabelle has a past and remembers it now “can we eat at the place where I like to play with the toys when I was younger” and then later, the realization that she has, in some ways, too old for the toy bin. Such a fun moment for to capture. I love the alone time you were able to have together – it is special, embrace it when you can! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such an important reminder for parents and for teachers. ALL of our children benefit from some one-on-one time. That is the power of reading and writing conferences, too

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