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Reprise: It’s not a dog.

I was rushing to get a whole chicken cleaned off and into the oven by 6:15 p.m. this evening. While I was patting the chicken dry with paper towels, Ari declared, “It’s a dog.”

“It’s not a dog,” I replied. “It’s a chicken.”

“It’s a dog,” he said.

It’s been over two months since he thought the spatchcocked chicken I was cooking was a dog. He’s grown so much in so many ways in that time. But, gosh darn it, the kid thinks every whole chicken is a dog.

“No buddy. We don’t eat dogs. It’s a chicken.”

“It’s a chicken,” Ari stated.

“That’s right,” I said.

He grabbed a head of garlic and the lemon I was getting ready to stuff inside of the chicken. He picked up the garlic and said, “It’s an onion.”

“It’s not an onion, it’s garlic,” I replied.

“It’s garlic,” Ari paused. He looked at the chicken in the baking dish and declared, “And it’s a dog.”

I give up.

14 thoughts on “Reprise: It’s not a dog.

  1. Love this so much!! Thank you for starting my day with a laugh … his voice will be in my head all day! (My pediatric wife brain was just hoping he did not stuff the garlic and the lemon into the raw chicken!)

    1. So, you’ll appreciate this, Clare. Two nights ago, Ari was helping with dinner preparation. My dad was showing him how to pinch a salt/pepper combination to sprinkle over chicken cutlets. Wouldn’t you know that Ari touched the cutlets multiple times since he doesn’t have a sophisticated sprinkling technique. So… not only did his hands get scrubbed, but his helper tower got disinfected too!

  2. I love headstrong children! This is adorable and made me laugh! Thank you for sharing. On another note, your new book arrived in the mail yesterday! So excited to read it! – Krista

  3. Oh, my. Funny. Can you imagine how he answers, “What does mom cook?” with an innocent and convincing, “A dog”?

  4. Oh, my, Stacey. How do these kiddos grow up so fast! Love this slice … reminds me of the Tom Lichtenheld book Duck! Rabbit! Is it a chicken or a dog? Can’t help but laugh. One day you will tell him this story and he’ll be laughing too! 🙂

    PS Thanks for the sweet welcome back! I can’t believe it has been so long. But I’m looking forward to a summer of getting back into the habit.

  5. I read this in May & bookmarked it to comment, then forgot. Now here I am in July and I’m laughing all over again. Oh my goodness, Ari! Somehow I have already borrowed the “It’s a dog” story in my head and made it part of my repertoire of stories to make me laugh – I’ve thought of it more than once as I cooked. Now I’m giggling again. Thanks for the smile!

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