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Heading Home

Little Pretzel Eaters

We’re heading home from five days away for Passover. I’m the front seat passenger. My husband is driving. The kids are in the back of the minivan. We have an hour and twenty minutes left until we get home. And home can’t come soon enough because the kids are restless in the backseat. After all, they’ve driven through four states since Thursday.

Here’s a scene from ten minutes ago that reflects how ready I am to get out of this vehicle:

Isabelle was reading a Henry and Mudge book aloud. Ari vacillated between screaming for a snack and bellowing to have his music turned on. The music wasn’t going to be turned on until Isabelle was finished reading so Marc encouraged me to pass back a baggie of pretzels. I thought it was a terrible idea, but they’re the only Passover-friendly snack food we have in our car. I reluctantly handed the pretzels to Ari expecting them to fall on the floor immediately. However, Ari carefully took the bag and began eating one pretzel at a time. Maybe I had misjudged.

Two minutes later, I realized I should never have handed the pretzel baggie back to Ari since he dumped the baggie upside down on his lap while Isabelle was still reading. Then, Ari systematically took the pretzels on his lap and shoved them between his body and the car seat. He laughed hysterically as he shoved each one into the car seat.

“That’s going to be fun to clean up later,” I said to Marc who nodded knowingly.

Isabelle kept reading. When she was finished reading, I turned KidzBop on for Isabelle and handed her a new baggie of pretzels. This time, she held the pretzels for the both of them.

For now, they’re both quiet. But we still have an hour and fifteen minutes left to go.

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10 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. I experienced a range of emotions reading this: Crying for you, laughing at Ari’s antics, reminiscing about road trip w/ my children. This is one of those golden, normal moments I want to relive and did through your slice. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Glenda! WE are listening to Ari’s favorite song, “Uptown Girl,” right now for what feels like the tenth or eleventh time. 45 more minutes to go!

      Enjoy reliving your road trip moments today. 🙂

  2. Ha! I like the connection between the ending and the beginning, how only 5 minutes have passed. This sounds like several car trips I participated in as a child. Nothing takes longer than the trip home.

  3. Slicing on the road…impressive Stacey! I’m always amazed at the patience and dedication that comes through in your writing. It’s inspirational and makes me feel less crazy, because I recognize these behaviors in my own beautiful little ones’

  4. I love that Isabelle is reading:) As a follower of your blog, reading those words made my heart happy! I am also envious that she can read while riding in a vehicle and during her little brother’s antics! Safe travels!

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