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No “Good Night” for You

Several months ago my kids began an odd good-night ritual. They’d throw themselves into each other, hug tightly, and say “Goooooooood niiiiiiight!” This would happen repeatedly until Marc or I said enough. Otherwise, the elongated good night would go on for five minutes.

Isabelle met Ari in the hallway this evening to offer him a “good night” since the kids were going to bed simultaneously (which rarely happens). She said, “Goooooooood niiiiiiight!” but Ari pushed her away.

“No good night, Isabelle!” Ari yelled.

I coaxed her to try again, but the same thing happened.

Then it happened again.

Finally, Isabelle offered me a good night hug and kiss (since I was putting Ari to bed). I happily accepted.

I’m not sure why Ari didn’t want hugs from his sister tonight, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the fact they met in the hallway for their nighttime ritual, rather than having it in her room.

Here’s the little stinker of a brother running away from his sister’s embrace.

23 thoughts on “No “Good Night” for You

  1. Her little stinker of a brother keeps everyone on their toes. Their goodnight ritual sounds pretty cute from a distance – today my two had such a big fight in the morning that we separated them for a good part of the day. Sigh. They were friends again by evening. Betting tomorrow night sees a renewed good night ritual at your house.

    1. Thrilled to hear your boys were reunited in friendship by nightfall!

      Ari has not been himself since last week’s stomach bug. I wonder if this has something to do with his reaction towards Isabelle tonight. That NEVER happens.

  2. I like that for today you shared this slice. Obviously Ari has his reasons for saying no. Every evening this month I have said goodbye to the slicers, knowing they will be here tomorrow. It has been a nice ritual. I do not want to say goodbye today.

  3. There is a certain safety in this story, a certain knowledge that he will find his sister tomorrow to resume this ritual and that she will be there, with open arms. I love the connection that is so strong between these two.

    1. This morning, he fell down while spinning in circles. He scratched his nose in two places. When Isabelle found out, she offered him hugs and kisses. Ari didn’t push her away this time.

  4. Very sweet story, Stacey! You will treasure these posts as your children grow! On another note, thank you for hosting another SOLC. Doing SOL has made a profound impact on me as a writer. See you on Tuesdays! – Krista

  5. I’ve learned things I could predict would happen with my girls may not because of a glitch somehow in the action or routine. I’ve also learned sometimes everyone has a personal space need and maybe Ari just needed it t this moment. I’m sure those long hugs will return.

  6. Sometimes it takes awhile for things to return to normal after a disruption. Or maybe Ari is thinking about starting a new routine. In any case, their bond seems so strong that I’m sure good night hugs will return soon. Thanks again for another successful March!

  7. Maybe Ari was reacting to a new not familiar ritual routine. I enjoy hearing the Ari and Isabelle stories, Stacey. Thank you for an amazing month of writing, Stacey.

  8. Oh, Ari. What a stinker! I’m sure tonight he will be all in for his hug and good night! Thank you for a wonderful month of slicing. As a first timer, I didn’t know what to expect but WOW did this experience exceed all expectations. And again, thank you for sharing your sweet kids with us through your slices! 🙂

  9. It’s funny how kids can get upset by a possible tiny routine change! At least Isabelle didn’t seem too put out, if she was willing to try again!
    Thanks for hosting another wonderful month of SOLSC!

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