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One Baby Coffee, Please!

If it were up to Ari, he’d drink my coffee every morning. But that’s Mommy Coffee (aka: caffeinated). Ari drinks Baby Coffee, which is 1/10 decaffeinated coffee and 9/10 whole milk with a couple packets of Stevia for sweetness. I don’t keep decaf in the house so Ari only gets to have Baby Coffee when we go out for brunch, which is infrequent.

This morning, my friend Rachel and I kept our old NYC tradition of going out to brunch alive. We invited Isabelle to join us, but Isabelle refused to try the new restaurant we wanted to check out in Hershey. Therefore, we took Ari instead. Naturally, he was happy to go out for brunch since that meant BABY COFFEE!

The line at First Watch was longer than we expected. By the time we got seated, I vowed to order Ari’s food and Baby Coffee as soon as our server came over (which was fast!) so that he could get started with his meal.

A smile spread across Ari’s face when his coffee arrived. Rachel took pictures. I shot video, which included him declaring, “I like coffee!” several times.

Rachel and I drank coffee too. However, I don’t think either of us looked as happy as Ari did while consuming it. You know what we were excited about? The Kale Tonic (aka: green juice) we ordered. That was delicious!

17 thoughts on “One Baby Coffee, Please!

  1. Ha… I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was a first year teacher… in my 20s…and then it was black coffee, no milk, no sweetener … Yikes! I added milk when I realized I was shaking all over…

  2. The idea of a toddler who loves coffee this much makes me laugh – even if it is “baby coffee.” Me? I’d be more with you and Rachel – but if the coffee makes him smile this much, maybe he knows something I don’t!

  3. My first coffees were in elementary school…my father always left a bit of coffee in his mug at the kitchen table, cold by the time we got up and moving. My mother would let me finish it off. Ari’s Baby Coffee sounds much healthier!

  4. Too funny. I did not try coffee until a late night of studying in college. Now, I love it, probably just as much as Ari.

  5. In Australia they call them ‘babychinos’ but they’re basically just milky froth…quite expensive froth in my opinion, but it’s a good way to hook the mums into a coffee shop for a coffee! Ari is definitely enjoying his!

  6. This is interesting or a coincidence, my read aloud (chapter book) I am reading to me students, that a colleague recommended is Any Small Goodness and today the part I read had a little girl Rosa being offered coffee.

  7. I don’t drink coffee, so I blame my sister for turning my son on to coffee when she and her ex would take my kids to Lake George for a camping trip a couple of summers. Maybe if I had had Baby Coffee I would drink it now. I love the smell but not the taste.

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