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Before Nap Time. Before Bedtime.

It doesn’t matter if it’s before nap time or before bedtime. If I’m working in my office (i.e., not the person putting Ari to sleep), he stops by for a hug and a kiss. This evening, my husband offered to do bedtime since I’m swamped with work. Therefore, I heard the start of the usual scenario as the two of them were about to leave the kitchen.

“I wanna hug and a kiss!” Ari announced repeatedly.

Once the gate from the kitchen to the foyer opened, I expected to hear Ari’s feet stampeding. However, just as he reached my office door, he slipped and fell. (Why? Because he insisted on carrying his blanket downstairs after he helped tuck Isabelle into bed this evening.) Once Ari righted himself, his head popped through one of the panes of glass and said, “Kiss and a hug!”

Notice the blanket wrapped around him?

“Of course,” I replied, smiling at this routine I know well.

I opened the door to my office, crouched down, and saw my sweet little boy standing in front of me.

“What’s first?” I asked. “Kiss or hug?”

“Kiss!” Ari said planting a drooly smooch on my lips.

“And now?”

“A hug!” he leaned in and knocked me off of my kneeling stance.

We laughed. Marc snapped a few photos. We embraced again. Then, Ari ended the ritual the same way he always does, “You go in your office now.” What a little drill sergeant.

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9 thoughts on “Before Nap Time. Before Bedtime.

  1. >Then, Ari ended the ritual the same way he always does, โ€œYou go in your office now.โ€ What a little drill sergeant.<

    Oh. My. Cuteness. She needs to be a guest blogger and tell us one her stories! Thank you for sharing this ritual with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is adorable- I love that he wants a kiss & hug from you before he goes to sleep! These are special moments ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love this!! I have this routine with my baby boy. Itโ€™s funny, tonight I realized my husband offered to do bedtime and swept him up and off they went before I got my goodnight kiss. He was asleep and in his crib before I realized it. So I snuck into his room to make sure I got it!! For now itโ€™s my ritual. But Iโ€™m excited for when it is his!

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