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Another Job Title

Holding Ari’s little hand apres clipping.

When someone asks me what I do, it’s hard to know which role I should state first. Am I a literacy consultant, an author, or both? Do I throw-in mom or blogger into my job description since those are big parts of who I am? Should I make a joke that I am a part-time laundress because my family of four generates more clothes than some families of six? It’s hard to say.

I shy away from work travel during the month of March since the managing the SOLSC is a full-time job. However, the Virginia State Reading Association (whose President is Slicer Jennifer Floyd!) invited me to speak at their annual conference in Norfolk. I wanted to say yes… so I did.

I travel to Norfolk tomorrow. But tonight, amidst printing the kids’ schedules for my in-laws, folding laundry, and packing my suitcase, I had another important job to do. I needed to inspect the kids’ nails. You see, my husband, who is a super hands-on dad, has never clipped either of the kids’ nails since becoming a parent over eight years ago. It’s always been my job. Therefore, it’s one of the many things I make sure I take care of before I leave for a work trip. Last spring, I went away for five nights and returned home to children who seemed to have sprouted claws in my absence!

So tonight, I checked toenails first. Everything was good! Next, I inspected fingernails. That’s when I discovered Ari was due for a nail clipping. So, while I should’ve been making sure a list of all of the necessary technology I need to bring, I was clipping nails. Because, well, I am the kids’ nail tech!

So, add another role to my list. I am the chief nail technician for those 41 and under in my house. It’s not a great job, but somebody has to do it.


17 thoughts on “Another Job Title

  1. Ah… the list is of job titles is endless, really, but I like that this post embraces that rather than bemoaning it. I also like that no matter how much parents share responsibilities, there are some things that fall to one person or the other. “Chief nail technician” isn’t ideal, but it’s not too terrible as far as things go. In my house, I’m head crepe-maker, but my husband is chief waffle-maker. How odd is that?

  2. When I first read your question I was about to answer “no”, but now I have to admit that when the kids were small I was the nail technician too. For a long time I was the only hairdresser in the family, but with the third daughter my hubby took over braiding her hair in the morning. I get to do the fancier braids.
    I chuckled when I read about the claws.
    Enjoy the conference!

    1. That’s fabulous that your husband can do braiding! Marc does his best with Isabelle’s curls, but it is easy to tell when I am out of town since her hair is not as well coiffed as it usually is.

  3. The set up to revealing your title as Family Nail Tech was perfect! I laughed when I got to the reveal! This reminds me of the ONE time my husband tried to cut our oldest’s fingernails! She was about 3 months old, I went out for a walk or something. I came home and her tiny hand was wrapped in a cloth! He had almost cut her thumb off (well, not quite, but she was bleeding!). I’ve had the Family Nail Tech Title for almost 19 years now! Thanks for sharing and bringing back that memory!

  4. Love the description of many of your jobs, Stacey. You are always busy. It is amazing that you remember to do all these things – especially before heading out to speak at a big conference! They will, of course, love you! Your family will, of course, miss you!

  5. Our roles as working women during the years of raising a family are so complex. Enjoy your conference time.

  6. The answers to your beginning questions are all “Yes.” You are ALL those things and much more. Clipping nails is my favorite example of explaining why grandparenting is so great. If their nails are long, I just say to the mommies, “These nails are getting long,” or “Want me to clip their nails?” They always say, “Oh I’ll do it,” and I don’t have to! Hope all goes well on your trip!

  7. Love your post! It’s so funny how sometimes one chore becomes one person’s. I have to admit that my husband was the one to cut both girls’ nails from the minute they were born. He still is the one to cut the cat’s nails now, although I am the cat’s litter changer. Enjoy your conference! Sounds like you have it all together.

  8. I just got done clipping my baby boy’s nails! Definitely one of the scariest parts of parenting when they are this young!! I usually have to do it when he’s asleep because he’s so wiggly!! My husband seems to squeak out of this duty too 🙂

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