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It’s Marty!

Last week, I lamented about the new shopping carts at my local grocery store. This week, I have to tell you that they have provided a new reason to keep Ari interested during our supermarket trips. Who’s keeping Ari enthralled? Funny you should ask! It’s Marty!


Marty is more of a what than a who. You see, Marty is a robot that scans the store looking for spills to clean up. To me, he’s a nuisance since he often blocks aisles or intersections between aisle.

Ari poses for a photo with Marty.

But for Ari, Marty is entertaining! He beeps. He moves around. Heck, he has goggly eyes! What’s not to love about a robot when you’re a kid in a cart at the grocery store?

One of the checkout people saw Ari’s huge smile when Marty cruised by today. She thought it was adorable that he likes Marty so much. Therefore, she let us in on a secret. She told us where Marty recharges in case we ever can’t find him when we go to Giant!

On our way out of the store, Ari insisted we find Marty. (We followed the beeps to the produce department.) Ari called, “Bye, Marty!” He even blew a kiss! And this evening, he told Marc all about seeing Marty at the store.

12 thoughts on “It’s Marty!

  1. Oh, to see the world again through the eyes of a child! Marty is pretty fascinating, though, even if he – um, it? – occasionally gets in the way. I’m so amused by the cashier letting you all in on where Marty recharges – I can see my own son, when he was small, deliberately searching that out. And the blowing of the kiss – too, too sweet.

  2. I like love Ari’s world. No amazing robots at our Whole Foods but because of Ari, I looked for the kid snacks this week. Not Fruit but they were there. I’m glad Ari is here to keep me seeing through child eyes.

  3. Our grocery stores still have the “clean up in aisle 7” intercoms, no Marty. What a fun way to view life, through Ari’s eyes. It’s too bad we ever have to change that perspective ourselves! 🙂

  4. I think that I need a robot in my classroom, at my house. I love that your little Ari gets so excited about a robot! Thanks for sharing this slice!

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