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A Red Pickup Instead of a Blue Truck

truck-1042600_640After we lit the menorah, we sat down for dinner in the dining room. Once the food was on the table, we debriefed our days. I talked about the classrooms I visited and shared the highlight, which was helping a fifth-grade teacher launch independent writing projects in her classroom. After we chatted about the substance of the day, I turned the conversation to my 75-minute drive.

“I beat the school bus,” I told my in-laws and Marc.

They nodded. I could tell they probably didn’t want to hear my lamentations about the school bus I often get stuck behind when I drive to this particular school.

“I arrived a half hour early because I beat the bus! But I almost didn’t arrive early. You see, about 30 minutes into the drive, I got stopped near a curve. And you wouldn’t believe what I saw! A pickup truck was stuck on the side of the road. I think the guy was right outside of his house. Traffic came to a standstill because people got out of their trucks to help the driver.”

“People just got out of their trucks?” one of them asked.

“Yes! It was really sweet. But it stopped traffic. By the time I could make it safely around the curve, there were four or five people pushing the red pickup truck out of the mud.”

Suddenly, everyone around the table was laughing — except for me.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“It’s like the book,” my mother-in-law said.

Little Blue Truck!” my husband or father-in-law replied through their chuckles.

“You’re right! I hadn’t thought about it like that?”

They were shocked I hadn’t envisioned that since Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle and Jill McElmurry is one of Ari’s favorite books. Each of us has probably read it to him upwards of 200 times.

“Did they all look like the animals?” my husband asked.

“You mean head-to-head and rump-to-rump?” I asked, finally in on the joke.

He nodded.

“Kind of, but not really,” I said trying to envision the scene again. I reconsidered. “Yeah, they actually did look like that!”

I wonder what will await me on my drive tomorrow. (Hoping for an uneventful one!)

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5 thoughts on “A Red Pickup Instead of a Blue Truck

  1. This is a delightful slice. I love how your family conversation helped you find the story, not to mention how your whole family is relating life to picture books (and ironically, had to clue you in!) “head to head and rump to rump”–sounds like this is a book to check out! Now I’m going to be looking out for picture books on my commute–perhaps something from Make Way for Ducklings? Such fun!

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