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Highlights from #NCTE18 and the Re-entry to Home

I almost didn’t make it to NCTE because of the fluke of a snowstorm that rolled through the Mid-Atlantic on Thursday. What should’ve been a nine-hour trip, door-to-door, turned into a 16-hour ordeal that led to me being without my checked luggage for 48 hours. Alas, if I put the inconvenience of being without my luggage (and the hassle that went with it) aside, I had a fantastic time in Houston! While I was at NCTE, I…

* Presented three times and learned a lot from my co-presenters.

* Attended a few sessions, including a general session where students spoke, which were inspiring.

* Shot a video about Welcome to Writing Workshop, which will be published in late March, with Lynne.

* Shared a room with Melanie, which allowed us to catch up.

* Ate lunch with Kelsey, who had to miss the Slicer dinner because of her own travel delay.

* Attended the Slicer Dinner and learned more about everyone with an impromptu (and funny) share that led to some interesting stories.

* Caught up with other authors and the folks who work at Stenhouse at the annual Author Reception.

* Found a fabulous restaurant with gluten-free pasta where I dined with some of my favorite PA educators, Lynne, Rose, and Aileen.

I departed from Houston this morning. Thankfully, I had an easy trip home. However, I started to miss my kids during my lay over in Dulles. I pulled out my iPad and watched videos of them. Despite enjoying a few days when I cut only my own food and took long showers, I missed my kids. I was glad to be heading home.

Marc picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner. Isabelle called and FaceTimed with me since she was heading to bed before I arrived home. (She did jump out of bed to surprise me once she heard I was home.) I partially unpacked, showered, and snuggled with Ari while he drank his bedtime bottle. Once he was finished, I asked him the question I ask him every time he finishes a bottle at bedtime.

“What time is it?”

“Love time!” he smiled. (A few weeks ago, I absent-mindedly said, “What time is it?” to him after he finished a bottle. He responded “Love Time,” since I often rock him in my arms before putting him down in his crib. It’s become a bit of a running joke now since I ask him this every night.)

And right there, in my house with a partially-unpacked suitcase and a brain filled with new ideas from a weekend away at NCTE, my heart felt full. It’s good to be home.


7 thoughts on “Highlights from #NCTE18 and the Re-entry to Home

  1. Oh my! Your post makes me so excited to get home. I’m with Margaret for an extended vacation at her house. Today we head to New Orleans for my first visit to the Big Easy! My girls are all big now, but I’ll be cuddling my sweet dogs late Wednesday night when I arrive home.

  2. “Love time!” FABULOUS! What a fabulous response as part of bedtime routine! So glad you were able to get away and embrace all that NCTE has to offer as a presenter, a learner, a friend, a colleague! Even more excited for you that you were welcomed by a loving family back in PA! It’s always good to be home! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You made me laugh with the appreciation for cutting only your own food. Sometimes we have to go away to realize how much we do when we’re with our kids. It was great spending time with you–enjoy your family (and all of your clothes, too)!

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