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After waiting nearly two hours to vote in 2016, I timed my voting for mid-morning. I was shocked when I signed in, at 10:20 a.m., only to find that I was voter #455 in my ward. To me, that seemed like a remarkably small number given the polls had been open for over three hours by the time I voted. Were people waiting until the after work hours or was the rain keeping them away? (I am hoping for the former, not the latter, reason.)

As I walked out of the precinct with my umbrella ready to open, I was handed an unexpected “gift”:

After nine years of living in PA, I finally received a sticker!

Our wardman felt it was important to give people “I Voted” stickers so he ordered them himself! Hopefully, the folks who haven’t voted yet will see more “I Voted” stickers around this year. I’m hoping that translates into higher voter turnout because being #455 at 10:20 a.m. was disappointing.


21 thoughts on “455

  1. I was #128 at 9:30. I always amazes me that some people complain about those in office but when asked if they voted their answer is, “No.” We all have a voice and we need to use it.

  2. I went at 8:30 but don’t know what number I was. And, alas, no stickers this year. I love that your wardman ordered them himself. That shows real pride!

  3. No sticker for me this year, but don’t be shocked… I voted by mail… a benefit offered to senior citizens ( though I have trouble believingvthat’s me). I had 5th graders write about voting yesterday (we are off today since so many of our schools are polling places). One 5th grader wrote “I wish I could vote!” Yay!! Hope for the future.

  4. As an Australian where in AUS voting is compulsory- I find it odd that in the USA voting is not compulsory. So glad you proudly voted… at the end of the day every vote counts… 👌 awareness raising via stickers

  5. Kudos to all those who voted, especially those who had to stand in line in bad weather for hours, or where voting machines “failed” (really? in this day and age that’s disgraceful). This was at least a start in taking back our country and our dignity in the world. So happy to see all the women who ran for office. Hope women continue to rise against those who would otherwise slap them down.

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