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Ponies in the Summer

Isabelle has two distinct hairstyles. Most of the time, she wears her curly hair down with a bow holding her grown-out bangs to the right side of her face. However, in the summertime, she wears a ponytail any day she is going to go swimming.

It’s a very different look. Since her hair is curly, I have to pull it back into a ponytail after her shower at night. I use bobby pins to hold up the short ends so that it’s easier to brush again in the mornings.

This morning, I complimented Isabelle on how beautiful she looked with her hair pulled back.

“You know,” I said, “I could pull your hair back in a ponytail during the school year if you’d like.”

“I know,” she replied.

“Would you like me to do that?” I asked.

“No,” she replied immediately.

“Why not?”

“It’s my summertime hairstyle!” she responded.

“A ponytail doesn’t have to be worn in the summertime only,” I said.

She looked annoyed, “I only like wearing it back for swimming, okay?”

I nodded my head. I know better than to push.

But I also know enough to write these pearls of wisdom down so I can tease her about them when she grows up (and perhaps wears a ponytail in the wintertime!).


10 thoughts on “Ponies in the Summer

  1. Ah, I see. The summertime swimming style. Glad you know enough not to push and glad you wrote it down – made me giggle and remember my own childhood hairstyle choices (mostly in my eyes, but whatever).

    1. Isabelle’s hair would be in her eyes if it wasn’t for my insistence on the bows. Soon, though, she’s going to grow out of those. Wonder what she’ll replace them with…

  2. These strong-willed girls…

    My 7.5 year old won’t let me choose clothes for her any more. And hair? Forget it! She insists on combing her own. I get to put in the ponies, but only if she asks!

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