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I took my minivan for a much-needed car wash today. Once I re-entered my car, I looked around at how clean everything was. (I splurged on having the interior windows cleaned and the floor mats vacuumed since they needed some TLC too.) For some reason, I looked up and noticed the top of the car. Was this always here? I wondered when I noticed the sunroof shade in its closed position. (Of course it has been! However, I’ve only been driving this vehicle for four months — most of which were winter months — so I hadn’t noticed it before.)

I grabbed the handle and slid it back. The early-spring sky was revealed through the glass. It was bright blue and breathtaking! (It is still too cold to open the roof to the elements!) I rode around marveling at the sky every time the car came to a stop.

The sunroof has been a source of contention between me and my husband. I love having the shade open while he likes it closed. In our previous family car, I let him close down the sunroof when he was driving or when he was a seated passenger while I was driving. But whenever he wasn’t with me, it remained open. Feeling the extra sunshine today made me rethink my position on keeping it closed when I’m the driver and he’s my passenger.

I picked up Isabelle from art class this afternoon and she noticed the extra sunlight immediately. Before she got seatbelted, she stood up in the middle of the minivan and shut the shade.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m closing that. It’s too sunny,” she replied.

“I’m the driver and I like it. So, it’s going to stay opened,” I said as I slid the shade to its open again. Ah, sunshine!

See, that was easy, I thought. The driver makes the rules.

Except when it comes to picking music these days. When Isabelle’s in the car, I have to play KidzBop to keep the peace.

Fine, I thought. She can have KidzBop and I can have sunshine. We’ll be even.

I took this photo right before I wrote my post this evening. See? Even our garage ceiling looks better through the sunroof!
slice of life_individual
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13 thoughts on “Sunroof

  1. I haven’t had a sunroof in a long time, but you made me miss mine a little bit as I was reading your post! And you made me smile when you mentioned KidzBop! Great post!

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