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Hugs, Kisses, and Tickles Good-Bye

I drop Isabelle off at school at least once a week. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, she’ll remember to give me a kiss good-bye. I usually have to say, “let me give you a kiss” once she unbuckles are seatbelt.

There’s someone else in the car who never has to ask for a kiss good-bye.


Ari gets smothered with hugs, kisses, and tickles before she grabs her bag and steps out of the minivan. If he’s sleepy, then she gives him a quick kiss before leaving. But today, Ari was wide-awake. The good-byes took much longer than usual. (THINK: Two minutes until I finally said, “You have to go to school!”)

In the midst of the sibling love fest, I turned around to snap a picture. All I could think was they are 17 months into their relationship and she adores him as much as the day he was born. How lucky am I?

Caught in the middle of a game of peek-a-boo.

26 thoughts on “Hugs, Kisses, and Tickles Good-Bye

  1. It’s those snapshots that will be precious in the years to come. I love how much she loves him- that is an amazing relationship they are forging there.

  2. Love this little anecdote. Romanticizes having another babe especially when you hear of such magic. You are doing something right! Keep up the good work.

    1. It really is an almost-constant love fest. Of course, he does little things that bug her, but she knows it isn’t intentional… it is because he is a baby (& doesn’t know better).

  3. Yeah. Those moments are tender and special, and worth capturing in words and images. Our boys are much older, as you know, so these moments … don’t happen anymore. At least, not like this. Their love for each other comes out in other ways.

  4. Sibling love is awesome and heart-filling. My two children are young adults now, and still communicate regularly, despite living on separate continents. It does my heart good knowing they have each other to lean on!

  5. Love this line: Ari gets smothered with hugs, kisses, and tickles before she grabs her bag and steps out of the minivan. Treasure this stage and remember that screaming, fighting, and grabbing can also be a lovefest.

    1. I’ve worried it will change so many times. I’ve learned to stop worrying and start savoring.

      Isabelle often points out, “Some kids would hit their brother or sister if they pulled their hair or pinched them, but I’d never hit Ari.” And she means it!

    1. They love being together. Of course, she sometimes wants space to do her own thing, but for the most part she hangs out with Ari as much as possible when they’re both awake at home.

  6. I, too, have an older daughter and a younger son in the sibling order. There are a little over two years apart between my kids, but since the day he was born, my daughter has been so loving, patient, and kind with her younger brother. They play with each other and love each other so much. I, too, hope it always stays this way. It is such a natural bond! At first, when I found out I was pregnant with our second, I was worried about the two being so close in age. However, now I cherish that they are so close in age because I cannot imagine their relationship any other way. It sounds like your Isabelle and Ari have a similar bond. It truly is love in its best, and most genuine, form.

  7. What a precious moment! It’s wonderful you were able to catch it. They’ll love to hear the story behind the photo when they’re older!

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