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Little Green Smoothie Drinker

The opening of the freezer — to get a cupful of ice — beckons him.

The whir of the blender lures him toward me and makes him raise his arms and request “up.”

The power button — which I allow him to press — makes him smile.

The frostiness of the drink makes him sign and say “more.”


Ari taught himself how to suck from a straw a few months ago since he was highly motivated to have what I was drinking (i.e., a green smoothie). Over the past few months, Ari has become a BIG fan of green smoothies. The more complex the ingredients, the more he drinks! That’s right. The green ingredient of the smoothie can be kale or collard greens. Doesn’t matter. He loves it. (I’m completely baffled since many adults can’t handle more than spinach in their green smoothies!)

This morning, I mixed up a rather complex combination of ingredients for my breakfast smoothie.

Ari toddled over as soon as he heard me mix the spinach and water together in the first round of blending. He watched intently as I added kiwis, a pear, pomegranate powder, pumpkin seeds, and protein powder to the blender.

“Want to help me get the ice?” I asked.

Ari hurried towards the freezer door. He peered inside as I grabbed out the cubes. He shut the door once I had what I needed.

After I added the ice, it was time to blend. I capped the blender and set it atop the motor.

“Up!” he reliably requested.

We hit the power button together and watched magic happen as the ingredients were pulverized and liquified. Once the mixture was smooth and green, I positioned his pointer finger on the power button and helped him push it twice to stop the blender.

I set him down on the floor. “I’ll get the cup. You get your bib. Then, we’ll share at the table.”

Two minutes later, Ari was nestled on my lap, taking turns and sharing a green smoothie with me.

10 thoughts on “Little Green Smoothie Drinker

  1. What a sweet slice. I love this little glimpse into your morning. But ugh. I can’t passed the color of green smoothies even though I like most things that go in them (except bananas. I can’t stand bananas)

  2. I love that he’s drinking green smoothies! It’s so surprising that the noise doesn’t scare him! I need a recipe or two since I am one of those adults that can’t handle much more than spinach — but would love to know how to make good healthy smoothies!

  3. What an adorable ritual you share with your son. I especially like when you say, “we hit the power button together and the magic happens.” It’s that magic of this moment that makes it so endearing!

  4. Ah! I love smoothies too, but your routine with Ari is what’s precious about this slice. Good for him (and you) to have a healthy start to your day. He is adorable, but that is stating the obvious.

  5. I just enjoyed reading this, Stacey. My new smoothies box arrived yesterday. (You got me started!) Ralph and I are having ours for lunch! So incredibly cute that Ari shares your smoothies with you. Love the photo! What a precious, darling little boy!

  6. Well, I’m glad someone likes green smoothies, just don’t make me drink it. I do like smoothies though with lots of fruit and berries. Such a sweet time with your little one.

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