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Belt (Object Slice #2)

Waterlogue-2018-03-03-16-35-13“I’d like to take a picture of you and your brother on the couch before we drive to synagogue.”

Isabelle started to grumble, “I don’t wanna take a picture.”

“You never want to take pictures. But I would love to take a picture of the two of you all dressed up for services,” I said.

Isabelle had a choice. She could protest or give in. Typically she’d protest. Today, for whatever reason, she gave in. My heart swelled.

“Come and sit on the couch,” I said.

“Can Ari sit on my lap?” she asked.

“I don’t know if he’s going to even be willing to sit still let alone sit on your lap, but we can try.”

Isabelle sat down on the couch. I plopped Ari beside her. He stayed. “Why don’t I just take a few like this and then we’ll try your lap.”

Somewhere in-between getting Isabelle to look at the camera’s eye and trying to get Ari to smile, I noticed something. Ari was wearing a belt.

Now let me be clear. I put the belt on him about a half-hour earlier. However, it hit me… HE IS WEARING A BELT FOR THE FIRST TIME.

He didn’t really need the belt. After all, his pants had an adjustable waistband inside. However, now that he’s in an 18-24 month size, the belt loops looked gargantuan on him so I thought I’d put a belt on him. Initially, I didn’t even think it would fit since it was a 2T-3T size, but somehow it didn’t look all that large.

I lost track of the on-the-lap photo opp because I all I could think about was that my 17-month-old son was wearing a belt and that means that very soon he won’t be so little anymore.

From Skitch
Little Man in a Belt (after services)

37 thoughts on “Belt (Object Slice #2)

  1. So many firsts happen every day at this age, don’t they? And, we’d miss them all if we were not paying attention and writing things down. My grandson is this age and the other day I taught him to cover his mouth when he coughed. A few minutes later, I saw him do it on his own. Little sponges. I love how you captured this small first of your son.

  2. I remember those days of realizing my little boys would soon be young adults — now their kids, my grandkids are adults. I can remember all of them as toddlers with shining eyes, trusting us, loving us. I miss all the sweetness and the sassiness, yet I’m proud of each has become. So good that you are paying attention to all these little details. Thanks for the memories I now have as well. ~ Sheri

  3. Aww…he’s growing up. Such sweetness in your post Stacey! I enjoyed reading this small moment. We just have to enjoy them as much as possible -soak it in every. Single. Day!

  4. It’s really something how certain objects identify certain stages in life. I never thought of a belt as such an object, but I can sure see it now. Cool slice – moving from a simple (maybe not-so-simple) picture of your two children to uncovering a quickly growing boy!

      1. I had a baby toothbrush (one of those things for their gums that slips on your finger) on my dresser for three years because I couldn’t bear the fact that my babies had way outgrown it and make myself throw it away…I totally understand the belt. 🙂

      2. Hahaha! That’s hilarious! (Speaking of teeth, you should check out my slice about Isabelle’s baby teeth from a couple of Tuesdays ago. It might gross you out a little, but it’s kind of amusing.)

  5. The moment you realize that your child is not so small anymore is a bittersweet one. The way you weaved this moment into the slice was powerful and unexpected. I am gllad you were able to take the picture of your children.

  6. Your kids are so lucky (although there may be times they will disagree) that you are chronicling their childhoods so well. I never thought to write down all the little steps toward being the grown ups they are today:(

    1. I started keeping one of those sentence a day journals (that span three years) for Ari so he can’t say “My sister had a blog and I got nothing.” We’ll see how it goes. So far I’m four for four.

  7. Belt! First belt! Oh wow you’re taking me back so far to all those tiny firsts that made my heart burst with pride and admiration. First belt. Suspenders. Vest. Irish cap. This slice reminded me of those beautiful moments with my kids again and the things we celebrated in silence. I’m with you and oh my, could that belt be any cuter? Ari has some serious style! I cannot get over how big he is in just this one year!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I dress him on the preppy side (most days). He’s got a small and growing collection of bow ties for special occasions. (Who said it wasn’t fun to dress a boy?!!?)

      1. So so fun! They are so pliable for one. Its fun when they develop their own style too. Looking forward to reading how that unveils itself in the years to come!

  8. It is often those little everyday things that signal changes. As I was beginning to read, I was wondering where the belt would fit in. The slice went in a direction I wasn’t expecting.

  9. So sweet, when an object sends us off on an emotional journey. I wouldn’t have thought of a belt, but you are right- it is so much a little man thing 🙂 Very sweet capture!
    Your illustration- is it from the photo you took, altered by some photo app? It is lovely.

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