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How could I forget about Purim?

I didn’t realize we’d be out of town for our community’s Purim Carnival when I made plans to visit State College last weekend.

And I didn’t realize I scheduled a medical appointment for my daughter the same night as our synagogue’s Megillah Reading.

It would be safe to say I’ve been a little preoccupied with work, the upcoming SOLSC, and my family. Basically, Purim fell off of my radar this year.

I wish I could say that’s all, but I also forgot my daughter was supposed dress up for the Megillah Reading she’ll be attending tomorrow until I received an email reminder to “come in costume” last Friday afternoon. I couldn’t put her in her Halloween costume (She dresses up as a pumpkin.) for a Purim celebration. I resigned to put off thinking about the costume until (this past) Sunday night… and if I forgot about it again then she’d just wear regular clothes!

Imagine my surprise when my next-door neighbor emailed me last Sunday afternoon to inform me she was cleaning out her closets and found two of her daughter’s old Halloween costumes. She asked, “Would you like them for Isabelle?”

Would I like them? Um, YEAH!

I had Isabelle try on the Minnie Mouse costume tonight. It fit! She’ll be dressed as Minnie Mouse for tomorrow’s Megillah Reading. And the best part is that I didn’t have to make a trip to the craft store or spend time I didn’t have this week making a Purim costume. Yet again, one of my neighbors saved the day!

17 thoughts on “How could I forget about Purim?

  1. Your opening line conveyed that dreaded mom uh-oh feeling. The second line really makes it sink in. Then it lightens up as you reveal the reality – preoccupation with work! But, your slice goes as life goes, it has it’s ups and downs, and in the end, it usually all works out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So glad things worked out for the best. Isn’t this why they say it takes a village 🙂 . Thank heavens for neighbors!

  3. It’s great when things work out that way, and doesn’t it feel like it wasn’t a coincidence? All of the things in the first part of your entry happened because you were preoccupied with doing other things for other people. It makes sense that someone would almost-randomly offer what you needed.

  4. It’s so refreshing to hear stories like this and remember that we ALL have too much on our plates, and sometimes we ALL drop the ball a little! Love that everything worked out for you in the end! (And as someone who doesn’t know anything about Purim, now I’m curious and want to learn more!)

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