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Burpy Bib (Object Slice #1)

Somewhere amidst tonight’s lullabies and the repetitive white noise sound app, I got an idea for a series of slices.

I’ll call it an object slice.

{Did I mention I’m terrible with titles?}

What is an object slice, you might ask? I think it will be the combination of an old strategy (i.e., look at an object and write about it) and a slice of life story (i.e., something that sheds light on an ordinary person’s life). Let’s be honest, I’m not really sure what it is, but I’m about to try it.


Every night, Ari rips off his bib once he’s finished drinking his bottle. In the past, I’ve hung the bib over the arm of his glider as I rock him to sleep. But tonight I had an idea. I’d find another use for the bib. From here on out I’d use it as… an arm protector!

Every night, during “nugga-nugga” time (aka: snuggle time), my left arm gets soaked from baby drool since that’s where Ari rests his head. But not anymore. My left forearm is now protected by the largest milk bib I could find: the Burpy Bib!

Tonight my arm will be dry. Tonight I will go to bed in the same pajamas I rocked my baby to sleep in. Tonight I will celebrate the absorbent power of the Burpy Bib.

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26 thoughts on “Burpy Bib (Object Slice #1)

  1. “The absorbent power of the Burpy Bib” sounds like an ad for a bestselling product! What a great life hack! Our “burpy bibs” are now in the rag pile in the garage….

  2. This slice made me laugh! From the perspective of a writer trying something out to a mother trying something out! I love it all – but most the image of you feeding Ari and rocking him to sleep! Special! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the idea behind this slice! I’m already thinking about what I can write about! Thank you for the inspiration and for a sweet story with your precious little Ari!

  4. Love it!!! Hate to think about how you will use that bib when he becomes a teenager… feel free to call me then and I will enlighten you. Look forward to connecting daily in March — thanks for all you do and the grace and generosity with which you do it!!!


  5. Object slice-I like that, Stacey. Lucky for me that my grandbaby does not drool all over me but she does make a mess with her growing affection for real food. When the family was babysitting for her at Valentines weekend, I spent a majority of time cleaning up the mess. The worst is when the food get crusted into the crevices of the high chair. Ugh! Have fun with Ari. They don’t stay little for long!

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