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Super Snuggles

This year I didn’t cook anything special for the Super Bowl. I made a normal dinner, which we ate at the table. (For the past few years, I’ve made nachos from scratch — easier said than done — and we’ve eaten them at our coffee table while watching the Super Bowl.) At the end of dinner, my football-loving husband invited everyone into our great room to watch the game.

I found the three of them in the great room once I got up from the table. Marc was watching the game. Ari was alternating between reading books and playing with his collection of balls. Isabelle was snuggled-up on the couch under a blanket.

Painted in WaterlogueThe time hovered around seven. I considered making Isabelle go upstairs since her bedtime was rapidly approaching. Instead, I asked, “May I snuggle with you?”

“Yes!” she said.

I cozied up next to her and chatted for a few minutes before she drifted off to sleep. (Somehow Marc got her upstairs and ready for bed.)

I retreated to my office to do some work until it was time for Ari’s nighttime bottle. When it was time for him to go upstairs, Marc transported him up the stairs to his bedroom where I held him as he drank. I noticed Ari was more awake than usual after his bottle. So I asked him, “Do you want more milk or do you want to snuggle?”

“Nugga-nugga,” he replied. (That means “snuggle-snuggle.”)

Painted in WaterlogueI obliged. I sang lullabies as he wiggled around looking for the perfect spot. Finally, he laid across my lap as I rocked him to sleep.

My Super Bowl Sunday was filled with snuggles. And for this non-football fan, I have to say, I think it’s the best Super Bowl Sunday I’ve ever had. (Sorry, Marc!)

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15 thoughts on “Super Snuggles

    1. If I saw your comment yesterday, I’d say nothing. But, honestly, something topped it today. Isabelle called me on my cell phone after I left the house. She called to ask when I was coming home from Denver and to tell me she loved me. That will seriously fuel me for weeks!

  1. This slice just made me feel cozy. It made me wish I had a couple of little ones around once in awhile to snuggle. Guess I’ll just have to make do with Chloe.

  2. I too snuggled during the first half of the game as my grandson nuzzled into my shoulder until he and his parents headed home. I would take warm snuggles before interceptions any day!!!

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