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What a Character!

Growing up, I was the kind of kid who loved to meet and take pictures with Disney Characters. Isabelle is a lot like me in this respect. She’s always excited to see or take photos with one of the Hershey’s candy characters when we’re at Hersheypark or see them around the town of Hershey. And maybe that’s why I’ve never understood those kids who fear amusement park characters. I mean, I know they’re not human, but they’re not scary!

In the beginning, Ari had no problem being close to the Hershey’s candy characters:


Painted in Waterlogue
We had to “get out of the house” a couple of weeks after Ari was born so I took him to one of the cleanest places I could think of: The Hotel Hershey! That’s when we snapped this photo.


By the time he was almost nine months old, Ari was indifferent towards them when he was brought into family photos with the characters in Hersheypark:


Painted in Waterlogue
On a hot June day in Hersheypark.


Last month, in another episode of “Two Kids from the Same Parents Aren’t the Same,” I discovered Ari was a bit uncertain about the Hershey’s candy characters. His suspicion can be noticed in photos like this:


Painted in Waterlogue
Isabelle and my mother-in-law are smiling while posing with Reese’s at the Hershey Lodge. Ari glances up at the Reese’s with great suspicion.


And his trepidation can be seen in photos like this:


Painted in Waterlogue
Ari wanted nothing to do with the KitKat so he clung to me while my mother-in-law attempted to take a picture.


Granted, Ari doesn’t scream or cry when he gets near the characters, but he doesn’t get excited in the ways I did as a kid or the ways Isabelle does now.

Last night, an unexpected intervention happened on the character front when we attended my husband’s work event. It was a family-friendly party complete with kid-friendly food, games, a photo booth, a balloon animal station, and HERSHEY CHARACTERS!

Ari spent much of the night following the Hershey Bar and the Reese’s Cup around the room. Finally, after several encounters that included low-fives, Ari’s suspicion and trepidation seemed to fade away.

My husband held him up to the Reese’s (whose wavy-cup head seems to perplex Ari).

Painted in Waterlogue

They got closer.

Painted in Waterlogue

And eventually, they were face-to-face:

Painted in Waterlogue

There were no hugs or kisses (from Ari to Mr. Reese’s), but he was more comfortable by the end of the night. Seeing as we have season passes to Hersheypark, this is a very, very good thing.


13 thoughts on “What a Character!

  1. Live this: Last month, in another episode of “Two Kids from the Same Parents Aren’t the Same,” I would watch this show. You may be onto something. It’s so true!

    1. I think my dad and his brothers are some of the only siblings I’ve ever met who aren’t wildly different. (Though they were each an individual they shared so much more in common than most siblings.)

  2. With my girls, Santa’s lap was a huge hurdle every year. I have a picture ornament of two of my daughters with Santa with totally different expressions on their faces, one smiling, the other crying. Yes, they are all different, but each special in their own way. Ari will enjoy these pictures and these stories.

  3. My son loves enormous costume characters. My daughter HATES them. We have amy photos of her refusing to go near them. At a recent Christmas parade, she hid behind me when a human dressed as a dog in a police uniform came along the parade route! Spencer, on the other hand, went right in for a hug!

  4. Sweet success! You can imagine how many horrified children I have seen in conflict with my Disney friends at the Magic Kingdom. Those characters can really be intimidating to the wee folk.

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