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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was cold.

Today is snowy.

Yesterday I was busy: driving on back-country roads and working with teachers.

Today I am moving slowly: staying at home and playing with Ari.

Yesterday I ate in a hurry: turkey sandwich, yellow peppers, Sumo orange, and trail mix.

Today I had a leisurely meal: breakfast tacos made with spinach, eggs, queso fresco, and hot sauce.

Yesterday I debriefed classroom visits and talked about minilessons.

Today I’m reading board books again and again and again.

Yesterday was good.

Today is good.


16 thoughts on “Yesterday and Today

  1. Lovely balance. My favourite line: reading board books again and again and again. It is a long long time ago when I did that. Mimm is already 13.

  2. Lovely, simple language for a complex concept – balance. I am so glad that I am getting the chance to read those board books again – now with my grandchildren.

  3. Hi! I figured it out! I am a blogger…Ha. Anyways, I am glad yesterday was good for you. I went for a walk today and allowed the sun to shine on my face. I found a moment of silence.

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