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Someone wants his mama…

We are not a co-sleeping family. Despite the “back to sleep campaign,” it never occurred to me to have my kids sleep with me since I always slept in my own bed as a kid unless I was sick or there was a terrible thunderstorm.

I hesitated about bringing Ari into our bed when he was up screaming in the wee hours of Monday morning. However, I was tired and wanted to go back to bed (and Ari wanted no part of my husband rocking him back to sleep).

The same thing happened last night around 1:00 a.m. Ari settled down when I was the one rocking him or sitting close by. When Marc tried to take over Ari screamed. Flattered as I am that my son wants me, I’d rather not be this wanted. I value my sleep!

After an hour up with Ari, Marc took over for me so I could go back to sleep. However, I couldn’t take the baby screaming from down the hall so I texted Marc.

Five minutes after Marc thought Ari would lay down, the two of them appeared in our bedroom.

“This is how bad habits start,” I muttered to him. “But I don’t care. We have to get back to sleep.”

And sleep we did.

In fact, I slept until a little before 7 when Marc had to leave for work. But that’s when I encountered a new problem: a big sister who wanted to play with her baby brother. Isabelle tried to stay quiet by laying near him, but eventually the giggles started… and she woke him.

And so another day begins. Thankfully, coffee exists.


16 thoughts on “Someone wants his mama…

  1. Having a “been there laugh” after reading this post! Takes me back in so many ways! Especially “this is how bad habits start”! Sometimes, you’ve just gotta do what you need to do in the moment, and hope and pray the next night will be a wee bit better. As I my sister in law and I used to say “may the force be with you”!

    1. I told my husband if he only wants me again tonight then he’s sleeping with us. Tomorrow morning this baby is going to the pediatrician. I think he has fluid in his ears (again) since his balance is off too.

  2. We have struggled with this in the past. In fact, it was not until this summer that Kieran stopped visiting and snuggling in our bed before heading to his bed. Despite my husband’s complaints, I cherished the time and new that it would end when he felt too old for this ritual. It has ended and his changing voice has begun 😦

  3. I always worried I’d smash my babies, so I didn’t let them sleep w/ us, which doesn’t mean we slept. My youngest started crawling out of the crib at nine months.

    I tell the teens I teach they’ll never sleep after having kids. Not quite the truth but close. I hope you’re able to get Ari sleeping in his bed soon.

  4. You are not alone. Our third is almost 6 months and I’ve been little attempt to get her out of our room. Most nights she ends up asleep with me… just so that I can sleep. We have fully developed bad habits. Good luck!

  5. I understand the feeling of someone wanting you and only you, although I can’t relate to a child wanting his mom! A lot of my younger cousins have done the same thing, so I understand from a perspective. Coffee really does help!!

  6. I hope you got some rest today! I remember those days, and even now my kids often come in my room in the middle of the night. When my kids were tiny a mom of older kids reminded me that there will be a day the babies go to college…and we aren’t going to complain that we snuggled them to much. Ever since that reminder, I’ve just tried to enjoy it. (I’m not saying I’ve been successful at that … but I try!)

  7. Best of luck with the evening routine, Stacey. The other night on Google Hangout, I heard my grandbaby crying incessantly when in the car driving back from the pumpkin patch. Clearly the day was long and she could not be soothed until she cried herself to sleep. I felt for her parents.

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