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A Day-Changing Tweet

I ‘met’ Dana Kramaroff when she participated in the 2015 Slice of Life Story Challenge. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve Voxed and chatted on the phone since we have a lot in common. However, we’ve missed seeing each other at conferences, like the EPA SCBWI Retreats in 2016 and 2017. Dana reached out to me when she noticed my session featured in the 2017 KSRA Annual Conference Brochure. However, we realized we’d once again miss each other since I was presenting on Wednesday, 10/11, and she’d be gone by then.


This morning, I was putting on my makeup when I noticed a tweet that mentioned me.


Dana was pictured, on the right, with one of my local friends, Ariel, on the left. Somehow they met each other at the conference!

I messaged Dana and found out she had a break this morning between sessions. Seeing as I had to drive to Hershey for a medical appointment at 10:45 a.m., I asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee at the Cocoa Beanery. She said yes so I told my mother-in-law (who is in town to watch the kids when I’m presenting at KSRA tomorrow) I needed to leave a bit earlier than expected for my medical appointment. I tried to explain who Dana was, but found myself blabbering on and on. Finally, I realized if I didn’t get in the car, then I’d miss my chance to link up with Dana so I hustled out of the house leaving Ari and my mother-in-law sitting on the couch together. (Ari was perfectly content in his Grandma’s arms and didn’t seem the least bit concerned that I was rushing out of the house.)

IMG_0362Twenty-five minutes later, Dana and I met up in the Hershey Lodge lobby. We chatted, grabbed a coffee at the Cocoa Beanery, talked some more, and snapped a photo. Unfortunately, our meet-up was too short since she had a session to attend and I had a medical appointment to get to. But, we FINALLY met in person!

Our meet-up reminded me of how strong the bonds are between writers. We’re a tribe. We connect by leaving comments on each others blogs and through social media. However, there’s no substitute for hanging out in-person!


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13 thoughts on “A Day-Changing Tweet

  1. We are a tribe!!! Because you have provided us with a safe space to share ourselves through writing, we are SO connected, even if we have never met in person. I so wanted to meet YOU this summer at TC but our schedules didn’t work out. But I love meeting you HERE and can’t thank you enough for starting and sustaining this space!! I need this tribe!

  2. I agree totally, and remember our dinner together with Tara years ago, Stacey. It is a joy to meet in person and though I know I won’t be going to NCTE anymore unless it’s in Denver, I loved all those I did meet and spend time with that year. Maybe at Highlights someday? Glad you finally connected with Dana!

  3. What a fun meet up! You are right — there is something different about us teacher-writers. We learn so much about each other through our blogs and social media that when we finally meet in person, we are old friends. I have been lucky to have met many of my blogging friends in person and now we are friends in life. (You and I share a common friend too — Michelle Haseltine.) I’m going to NCTE this November, but have to leave Saturday afternoon before the Slicer dinner. Hopefully, I will run into you at another time while there. I would love to meet you!

  4. What a fun slice! It is the best to meet people you admire from afar whether its through cyber space or turning pages in a book. The connections are powerful. I was so happy to read that you were able to make it work against all odds! Thanks for sharing and for all of your contributions to this wonderful writing site!

  5. love this! I’ve only been a part of this larger writing community since march, but it certainly feels longer! the teachers as writers are also researchers that always bring insights questions and connections – even the in person kind! i hope to meet some of you someday, somewhere! thanks for reading, writing, and inspiring!

  6. You need to read Tara’s piece today … this community is amazing. It is difficult for me to put into words what it has meant to me — many people ask me why I slice. I tell them to slice for a month and then we can have a conversation. You can’t explain it until you experience it. It is simply the best –thank you for making it happen!!

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