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The Empty Seat

I’ll be honest with you. It’s strange to have only one child in the backseat again. Much as I will enjoy a few days with Ari, I miss having both of my children at home with us.

They are seriously in love. It is a love filled with silly noises, hugs, tickles, nonsensical conversations, and kisses. Lots of kisses.

They’ve been together every day for the past ten-and-a-half months. However, the long good-bye happened yesterday when Isabelle separated from Ari for the first time since he returned from the hospital at two days old. (Marc and I were taking Ari back to Pennsylvania while Isabelle was heading off to Connecticut to spend a few days with my in-laws.) Isabelle seemed fine about saying good-bye to us, but she didn’t want to let Ari go. Eventually, I put him in the stroller and a few more kisses later she departed.
Ari isn’t talking yet, but his actions showed that he missed Isabelle yesterday afternoon. For instance, he woke up from his car nap and cried. As the front-seat passenger, I was able to turn around to see what was wrong. I found him crying while staring aimlessly at the space to his left. Rather than seeing his sister’s smiling face in her car seat, he saw shopping bags. Despite my attempts to soothe him, it took me sitting in Isabelle’s seat for the remainder of the ride home so he wouldn’t cry.
This morning, I noticed Ari staring towards the place where Isabelle sits again. This time, I needed to be the driver so I couldn’t do much other than to say, “She’ll be back on Thursday.”
Thankfully, he didn’t cry during today’s car ride.

18 thoughts on “The Empty Seat

      1. We saw Liam grow so much thanks to the blessing of Kieran in his life. No therapy in the world could match sibling love and relationships.

  1. This us lovely. I know how Ari and Isabelle feel about one another. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I posted 54 “Happy Birthdays” on his FB tumeline, and last night we talked for a long time, mainly about writing I’m doing and today’s Slice. We are close, this brother and I. Lately, I’ve been missing him more than usual, and I sense he feels the same. Five years and a parent separate us, but there is an unspeakable bond.

  2. Even though they cannot talk, you know they are missing someone that’s always been there. What a sweet post, Stacey. I hope Isabelle has a good time in her visit!

  3. A change in routine is difficult for anyone at any age, more so when you can’t understand what is going on. Although there may be times when Isabelle and Ari want their separate time and space this loving bond they now share will never be broken.

  4. Oh so hard for a little one to understand the change in routine. He will be so happy when she returns. Amazing the bond they create. My two kids are adult and I see this bond still. A photo of a beer posted by my daughter with the line this appears when you know someone who works here. I know she was sitting at the cafe where her brother works. They still look out for each other after all these years. Stacey you have years of bonding to watch – enjoy them!!

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