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A Week Away in NYC

It is a privilege to attend the TCRWP August Writing Institute while my parents watch my children. This is the 13th Institute I have attended since 2005. I skipped last year's Writing Institute since I was in my third trimester with Ari. It is wonderful to be back in a place that feels like home! So far, I've listened to Lucy Calkins, Amanda Hartman, and Katherine Patterson speak. I'm taking courses with Katie Clements and Rebecca Cronin. I've eaten lunch with Fran McVeigh twice. I'm surrounded by inspiring educators from all over the world.

This week, I'm living a life like the one I left ten summers ago when I moved out of Manhattan. While I'm staying in a hotel, rather than living in an apartment, the essence of what I'm doing — studying literacy by day and eating dinners out with friends at night — is relatively the same.

That being said, I texted my mom a few minutes ago with this message:

No matter how wonderful this week of learning is, and how much more I'm sleeping at night, the bottom line is that I miss my kids.


20 thoughts on “A Week Away in NYC

  1. So great that you are back doing what you love and enjoying learning and getting together with friends. Missing the kids is totally understandable.

  2. I bet this is hard Stacey and I hope the week will go well for you and also for your parents and children. Many of us sure are glad you are continuing to make important contributions in the field of writing instruction. And the mom in me knows (looking back many many years now) that this time is good for you and them- but yes, it isn’t easy.

  3. So glad you have this opportunity, but understand the missing your kids part. Hope you got some fun pics! I would love to hear Katherine Patterson. I hope you’ll share some takeaways from her speech.

  4. I can totally relate to this post–loving the intellectual challenge and the learning yet yearning on a visceral level for that daily intimate connection with your children. Like Lisa said, I also think this time is good for you and your children, though not easy! I hope you got some good photos to tide you over!

  5. Balancing work we love with time with children we are blessed to have and love is job in and of itself! Yay you for taking it on! It’s all good stuff! I bet your kids and your mom are busy making memories that will fuel their own writing!

  6. What an amazing opportunity for your professional learning and for your parents to enjoy some special time with their grandchildren at the same time. And, then you’ll have a wonderful homecoming to look forward to.

  7. How fun to be surrounded by all that experience and passion! I can’t wait to read the posts that come out of this on TWT. I also know and understand being away from your kids for an extended period of time is tough. Just keep reminding yourself of how good the first hug will feel when you see them. It will refill your “mommy well” immediately.

  8. Lived in NYC years ago — returning this September for the first time since I left, just for a few days en route to St John’s with my daughter-in-law. Mommy problems shape shift with grown children.

  9. Your post today is a reminder of how visceral and profound our attachment is to our children. There’s no other bond quite like it. Sometimes it takes being away from our daily life, really away, to get a different perspective on things and better understand the hierarchy of our priorities. Glad you got to have some me-time, but touched by how your gut feeling is so powerful. Nice slice.

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