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Terrible Tooth Fairy

I was awoken from a deep and much-needed slumber when I heard Isabelle call out, “The Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” from the other end of hallway around 6:20 a.m. 

Oh. My. G-d!

She repeated herself as she ran down the hall to our bedroom.

I looked at Marc a moment before Isabelle barged into our bedroom to relay the shocking news.

“I #%{\*^ up,” I mouthed to him.

Maybe it’s because he is a nice guy or maybe it’s because he knows how exhausted I’ve been for the past two weeks that he responded with kindness towards me.

But I didn’t have any nice thoughts for myself. I had one job to do after Isabelle went to bed last night and I bungled it. How hard is it to swap money for a baby tooth?!!? (Remember, there’s no risk of being discovered with the way I play Tooth Fairy.)

We spent the next 20 minutes assuring Isabelle the Tooth Fairy would come tonight while she was sleeping. Isabelle kept wondering why the tooth fairy forgot her last night. I kept telling her it must’ve been a busy day for losing teeth and she didn’t get around to our house. What a cruddy excuse! But, somehow, my six-year-old daughter bought it!

This afternoon, before we went out, I slipped three dollars (Two extra bucks due to tardiness.) in an envelope with an apology note that read:

Isabelle discovered the money and the note before she went to bed. It was an act of self-preservation since I didn’t want her to be up early checking to see how much money she got and then running into my room to inform us that the Tooth Fairy did, in fact, come.

Next time, regardless of how tired I am, I will remember to do my job! 


38 thoughts on “Terrible Tooth Fairy

  1. When one has so many roles in life becoming a perfect Tooth Fairy may be challenging. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Isabelle showed understanding and she won’t remember Tooth Fairy being late.

  2. Next time you’ll remember…or maybe you won’t. She’s already integrated it into her version of the tooth fairy & has forgiven the lateness.

  3. You are human, and you more than made up for the mistake. You are a creative soul so you figured out a creative remedy. This should be the worse thing that happens to her and youu!

  4. It is hard work being a Tooth Fairy in your “spare” time! I am sure we all had our images of Stacey perfection shattered with this story (just kidding-). You really can not be expected to remember everything every day- Isabelle has already forgiven the Tooth Fairy, so you should too:)

  5. Wow–this post really flashed me right back! šŸ™‚ “What do you mean the tooth fairy didn’t come? Did you look under your bed? Perhaps the dollar fell… I’ll go check!…..Look! Here it is!!!” Yup—I’m a true blue member of the Failed at Tooth Fairy club. Welcome!

  6. Hey…even the Tooth Fairy makes mistakes! I think you handled it well. I can just hear Isabelle explaining the Tooth Fairy to Ari…”Now don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t come tonight. Sometimes she gets busy, but she’ll come.”

  7. Ah yes… I cant even count the number of times I failed at that task as well. Many times it was because being a mom of three I was in bed right after I tucked them in. Could never figure out how to wake up and slip their money under the pillow. Many a morning I had to play the “did it fall under your bed” trick. It tore my heart, but we all recovered.

  8. A quick thinking mom wins over the tooth fairy any day! I agree with all the comments above. It’s all been made right and, at the very least, it made for a good slice!

  9. Just proves that tooth fairies are human, too. Isabelle learned that the tooth fairy, even if she is a little late, is there for her and will be there when she needed, just like her mom.

  10. I’ll echo the sentiments from other comments: Don’t worry about it, it happens! šŸ™‚ Our tooth fairy adventures were always fun because I was the tooth fairy as my wife is a sound sleeper and would never get up! šŸ™‚ If I didn’t get it done, I could count on sneaking in, getting the money placed, and sneaking out at some point in the morning.

    No harm done, your daughter just knows the tooth fairy has a busy job! šŸ™‚

    Thank you for this entertaining slice!

  11. Oh, Stacey – it is a great slice! All’s well that ends well. Isabelle ended up with more loot, a nice note from the tooth fairy, and a story to tell her family and friends. You’ll have many more chances for tooth fairy episodes with Ari. Meanwhile, you and Isabelle have a different but great story to tell!

  12. Good save with the late note. My Mom, a dental hygienist, once recruited my Dad, a funny writer, to write a letter from the tooth fairy who’d forgotten to make a deposit. They sent it to my cousin with a five dollar bill (I think). So funny- those are the stories, like yours, that families are made from. Thank you for sharing it!

  13. Oh boy! Glad it all worked out. Interestingly enough, a random child came up to me on the playground today and asked if I could keep a secret. She assured me it wasn’t about anyone at school, so I agreed. She said, “Don’t anyone, but the Tooth Fairy brought me a jar of fairy dust last night!” AWESOME!

  14. Stacey, it is a difficult job being a Mommy when you have so many things to do. I think you handled the situation well and little did Isabelle didn’t suspect anything once she read her note. Of course, when she is old enough to read her Mommy’s blogs, she will know the truth and all will have a good laugh.

  15. Haha, I just love when parents share the moments that they are NOT perfect! There’s too much “perfection” floating around already! (And I have no doubt that when my daughter is old enough for such things, I’ll mess them up all the time!)

  16. I love this post. It made me feel like I’m not the only mom who is too tired and forgets things. We have a tough job right?! At Christmas time in our house we have the elf on a shelf. I forgot to move him at night once or twice and my lame excuse was that he really must be comfy in that spot. Luckily my daughter bought it!

  17. I remember doing this too, so many years ago. Such inventiveness on your part and the increase in gift seems to have taken the sting out of what you momentarily forgot. Lucky Isabelle!

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