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Let’s be honest about Mother’s Day…

We didn’t make it to Hershey Gardens this year since the line to enter was too long. Instead, we walked around the grounds at The Hotel Hershey.

I didn’t have a picture-perfect Mother’s Day. Instead, my day included a pounding headache, tears in my closet when nothing I wanted to wear would fit (Still working on losing all of the baby weight!), and too much picky eating and whining from my daughter. And, every time I heard whining, all I could think about was how many portfolios I need to grade for my graduate students in the next few days.

Even though I didn’t get the photos I wanted to get with my family on my first Mother’s Day as a mama of two, there is something that will be etched in my memory forever. Today I ate brunch with my parents, husband, children, and in-laws. As someone who lost one of her grandmothers as a baby, I do not take this for granted. My children are fortunate to be growing up with all four of their grandparents.

Ari may not be smiling or looking at the camera for most of the pictures that were snapped today. However, there are some photos my Dad and Marc captured of me with my mom, Isabelle, and Ari that make me smile.

When I look back on this day years from now, I probably won’t remember the headache, the clothes that didn’t fit, or the whining. Instead, I will remember my kids were surrounded by love. And I will also remember this was the first year my lap was full. And that is enough for me.



14 thoughts on “Let’s be honest about Mother’s Day…

  1. Stacey, it was a wonderful day for Dad and I. We love spending time with you, Marc, Isabelle and Ari. Everytime we see the kids we have another opportunity to play with them, give them lots of hugs and kisses and see how they’ve grown. Grandchildren are so special and the love that is passed between them and their grandparents is so preciousl. It is something they will always remember.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Stacey….just beautiful! Having grandparents – that’s what saved me. I had one set. Ralph and I are the acting grandparents for our goddaughters, and it si always joyful to be with them. A great day for you to capture in photographs – and you are right – it’s all the love you have captured there that you will remember. Love the “…first year my lap was full.” Such a heart-warming post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Enjoyed reading your words Stacey! Being a parent is incredibly difficult and rewarding at the same time. Not every day is perfect but it is a blessing. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. No worries – you have many of these less than picture perfect mother’s days in your future. By the time you hit the teenage years — there is even some humor. My 17 year old wrote: “Thanks for helping me through the stresses of junior year and not yelling most of the time.” I appreciated the word choice – most. Keep laughing –you will remember the important parts. It is a journey!!

  5. How touching, Stacey! I was just reading an article about the glass half-full versus the negative. Your day sounded just right and I love the photo. It is real and alive with love!

  6. Let’s be honest about Mother’s Day–there are lots of other days in the year to be honored and celebrated and snap pictures. There are even other days to lose weight and try new food and smile for the camera. Enjoy the full lap and the love that surrounds all of you!

  7. Your post reminded me of the scary potential of a HALLMARK style Mother’s Day when in reality we all have some sort of approximatiom of that ideal. i spent the dsy reading to my grandson jack, snggling wih ny grandson AJ, and playing with my first-born grandchild bt 2 days, vivi. The day was void of holy cow moments but filled with potential.

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