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Maccabeats Concert

We had a great view from the second row!

Anyone who has read this blog in the past few years may remember Isabelle is a HUGE Maccabeats fan. We own every album they’ve cut and have watched their videos together on YouTube (giving them what probably amounts to over 1,000 hits from our home alone). A few months ago, I heard they were coming to Harrisburg so I picked up the phone and immediately bought tickets.


IMG_9019Isabelle must have been excited about the concert since she came home from school on Friday telling me she and her friend Eli discussed it at school. She wanted to sit next to Eli so she recorded a video for his mom asking for permission to sit next to him. His mom texted a video of Eli back a few hours later saying he wanted to sit next to Isabelle too. (How adorable is that?) Luckily, the kids are in Kindergarten so they didn’t even ask to sit away from us (i.e., their parents).

We arrived at the theater about 30 minutes before the show started. Isabelle saw other kids from her class, but remained committed to sitting beside Eli, which I thought was lovely. Thankfully, Eli’s family arrived ahead of us and saved seats for us in the second row.

Selfie during “Ha Yom” when most people were using their phones as makeshift lighters.

Although Eli and some of her classmates left their seats and danced during the show, Isabelle sat beside me with her gaze transfixed on the Maccabeats. She sang several of the songs softly, clapped her hands to other songs, and applauded at the end of each one.


As we walked out of the theater, I held her hand and asked, “Did you like it?”

“Yes!” she replied.

On the drive home, Isabelle mentioned, “Ari doesn’t know what we heard at the concert since he stayed home with a babysitter.”

“You’re right,” I said. “Was it okay that Daddy and I did something with just you?”

“Yes,” she replied somewhat sadly.

“It’s okay for us to do special things with just you, without Ari, sometimes right?”

“Yes, it is,” Isabelle replied.

“You can still tell Ari about the concert if you’d like when you get home,” I offered.

She smiled, “Okay, I will.”


8 thoughts on “Maccabeats Concert

    1. Each of us take her out, but we rarely do things with the two of us and her. We are either out with just her or all four of us.

      All that being said, she’d lose it if we were to take Ari to a Maccabeats concert without her.

  1. I can see Isabelle growing and learning a lot about herself in this piece. It is these little moments, and what we do with them, that form us. A truly lovely slice.

  2. A great story – and so touching that Isabelle was worried that she had seen the concert but Ari had not. What a great big sister she continues to be! Sounds like Isabelle is growing up to be a very special young lady!

  3. What a special treat and Isabelle will now realize she has much to share with Ari as he gets older.

  4. What a treat for Isabelle, the concert but also time with both of her parents. I know that time will be rare in the future. Thankfully Ari is too young to care, but one day it will be another story.

  5. My most vivid memories are the times I spent 1:1 with my parents. Each year each child got a gift of an event with each parent. A day with just mom or dad. It was great. Keep it up – they need that 1:1time and I predict she will be just fine when Ari gets his day. She has taken to being a big sister with grace.

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