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Mutual Admiration Society

This morning, I witnessed another magical morning moment.

I was bleary-eyed when I woke up. Ari fell asleep close to midnight and Isabelle woke up before her six o’clock alarm. This means I got less sleep than I needed. I’m going to need coffee, I thought when the alarm went off at 7 a.m., which is the latest possible time I could get up and get Isabelle to school on time. That whole notion of “nap when the baby sleeps” is nice, but I’m back to teaching graduate school, so when Ari is napping, I’m working.

Ari woke up a moment after my alarm went off, which was unexpected. My husband came into our bedroom and asked if I heard Ari crying. (He was downstairs giving Isabelle breakfast so he couldn’t pick Ari up.) I hadn’t. I hadn’t registered anything more than the fact it was 7 a.m. and I was exhausted.

Once I got out of bed and dressed Ari for the day, Isabelle joined us in his bedroom.

“Would you like to stay with him in here or in my room while I get ready?” I asked her.

“In here,” she replied.

I unbuckled Ari from his Nap Nanny and placed him on the floor beside Isabelle.

“I’ll be back shortly,” I said.

I scurried down the hall to put in my contacts, brush my teeth, and wash my face as quickly as possible. Before I got dressed I walked down the hall to check on them.

I peered into Ari’s room and noticed the two of them laying prone, nose-to-nose. Isabelle was whispering to Ari and he was staring right back at her.

“Looks like you two are okay in here,” I said smiling.

Isabelle rolled to her side. “We are.” Then she rolled back and looked at Ari.

“I hope, Ari, that you’re making your sister feel as loved as she’s making you feel,” I said.

Isabelle rolled over towards me again. “He is. He’s smiling at me a lot.”

I walked back down the hall and got dressed. I even put on some makeup. When I returned to Ari’s room, they had shifted, but her hand was resting gently on Ari’s head. Hours later, I don’t remember what she was saying to him, but I snapped a photo (above) of the moment just before I said, “Okay, time to head downstairs to get ready for school.”

These moments. The love I am witnessing. It melts my heart and makes the fatigue fade away. Well, almost. (Strong coffee is what really helps with the fatigue.)

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11 thoughts on “Mutual Admiration Society

  1. What a sweet written snapshot of two loving siblings. Ari and Isabelle already have a bond that will last a lifetime. I love the glimpse into your everyday (but oh, so special) life.

  2. So precious! It’s moments like those that you just cherish. It reminds me of a long-ago moment between my two girls when my oldest, Libby, was the first one to make Katie belly laugh. It was so much fun to witness!

  3. These are sweet, sweet moments that you are capturing lately. I love that you notice them, appreciate them, and share them with us. It will be a nice reminder for you to look back at later as well.

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