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I think I need a mommy bracelet!

IMG_5418Late last year, Marc asked me if I wanted a new baby bootie charm to wear — like the one I had for Isabelle — to commemorate Ari’s birth. I told him I wanted a new necklace since the birthstones on the bootie scratched Isabelle’s head when she was a baby. I told Marc I’d get back to him with what I’d like (after going down the Etsy rabbit hole in search of MOMMY JEWELRY).

I found a necklace and a bracelet. I sent the links to my husband who did the ordering. A few weeks later, a Russian ring necklace with my children’s names engraved on each ring arrived. I have worn it nearly every day since Marc gave it to me.

Ari is six months old now. He is tugging on everything! (Hence the reason my hair is perpetually pulled back in a ponytail.) We were playing on the floor this morning when he gave my necklace one of the hardest yanks I’ve ever felt. It was at that moment when I realized I need a mommy bracelet.

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5 thoughts on “I think I need a mommy bracelet!

  1. I remember when my grandson was the age where he was pulling everything. I, too, pulled my hair back most days. But I would not trade the pulled hair or smudged glasses for anything!

  2. For my first Mother’s Day they gave me a bracelet that we call my “Mommy Bracelet”. I love it and never take it off (except twice a year when the jeweler cleans it and even then they are the ones that take it off and put it back on). I never thought about the disadvantage a necklace would be with a little one!

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