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Magical Morning Moments

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After she’s dressed, after I’ve placed the bow in her hair to hold back her curls, after she’s eaten her breakfast (way too slowly), and after she’s brushed her teeth until they’re shiny and clean, Isabelle has a choice to make. She can play in her play room or help me wake up Ari. Nearly every day she chooses to come into Ari’s room — with me — to wake him up so we can get him ready for the car ride to school.

We enter Ari’s room quietly. Isabelle uses a gentle voice to greet her brother while I take him out of his sleep sack. If we have time to spare, she rocks him in his glider after I change his clothes and his diaper. Then, she sits beside him and holds his hand as I administer his Prevacid (acid-suppression medicine). Sometimes Isabelle takes out a book and reads to Ari as I finish getting ready. Other mornings, like this one, she hugs and kisses him. She tells him, “Ari you’re so loved.” And she means it. He is so loved by all of us.

As an only child, I don’t believe any kid needs a sibling. However, I think Isabelle’s life is richer now that Ari is part of our family. She adores her baby brother. She amazes me every day with how kind she is to him. While I know they will grow up and argue with each other (as all normal siblings do), it is my hope she’ll always care for him as much as she does right now.

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20 thoughts on “Magical Morning Moments

  1. Having grown children, I can attest to the fact that – yes, they have had phases where they consistently argued and did not get along. But, more often, they are always there to help and support each other through the good times and the bad. Sibling love is a special bond; Isabelle is already showing such care and compassion to her little brother.

  2. Isabelle is a wonderful big sister! There will be so many great moments between them now and as adults. They will always have each other. Always. It’s so heart-warming to read your stories about them and see Ari is Isabelle’s arms! Please keep sharing!

  3. This is a sweet story of a sweet time between your kids. Yes, as they get older there will be arguments and there will be irritation with each other, but there will still be those moments when you can see how much they love each other. I love watching my oldest, our only boy, with his three little sisters. He shows how he cares for each of them differently, but it’s there and those moments are always precious, even as they change and grow.

  4. This sweetly captures that special bond between siblings. They will have their differences, but when they become adults, that special bond comes back again. I’ve seen it. Keep these moments tucked into your heart, Stacey.

  5. I love the way you did the photo, Stacey, a beautiful keepsake. And the time to cement that love is now, isn’t it? Of course they’ll argue, but still love each other, like siblings!

  6. So sweet! I am amazed at the parralels in our lives right now! I knew seeing my first born as a sibling was going to be great, but didn’t expect it to be this great. I really like the details here that are so relatable like the way she eats breakfast too slow!

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