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In Praise of the Snotsucker

Most parents of babies or toddlers will tell you that using the following items on your child is one of the truest expressions of unconditional love you can show (your child).

Ari contracted his first cold late last week. He’s been congested for a few days. He hasn’t been a fan of Boogie Wipes so I called in the big guns this morning.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to buy Ari has a Snotsucker prior to his arrival. (There are many things siblings can share, but this shouldn’t be one of them.) Once I unpacked the new device, I called upon my trusty assistant, Isabelle, to help me with this procedure, of sorts.

Let me be honest, there wasn’t much Isabelle could do to help other than telling Ari about the merits of saline nasal spray. She stood back (& laughed) as I tried to insert the Nosefrida into his nose. He fought me off with his hands and thrashed his body around. Isabelle cracked up while I persisted. In the end, I was able to relieve a bit of Ari’s nasal congestion while providing my daughter with some comic relief (& maybe a shred of empathy for how hard parenting is).

This congested-baby scene ended with an “Ari Sandwich,” which included hugs and kisses for the Ari from his mommy and big sister. And just like that, all was forgiven.

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18 thoughts on “In Praise of the Snotsucker

  1. The Nose Frida is the best. There was a time we were using it 4-6 times a day, trying to avoid the need for tubes in the ears. The holds and wrestling matches we found ourselves in. Your post brought all of that flooding back!

  2. HAHA I never used this on my children. I couldn’t handle it. Now I try to talk them into saline spray every time they have colds, but they won’t do it. Too bad. It really does bring relief.

  3. Stacey, having been forced to use my NeilMed Sinus Pack to relieve the congestion in both nostrils twice each day for a month, I can sympathize with Ari. The love sandwich hug looks delicious.

  4. I don’t know anyone close with a baby now, but will tell my daughter who will pass it on! Glad there is something to help. I remember those sad days with baby stuffy noses.

  5. ‘Snotsucker’ -what a great name for a character in a story. He could be a nasal super hero. I’ll stop there Stacey. I’m being overtaken by the gross boy who dwells inside me. Snotty noses are a reality for babies and toddlers. I recall reading a book called Sandcastles in which noses were referred to at one point as ‘snotlockers.’ Oh how creative we can be when visiting Grossville. Trust Ari begins to reap the benefits of the nasal spray as quickly as possible. .

  6. I’ve never seen or heard of such an object. We got a rubber bulbous thing from the hospital 35 years ago. Guess times have changed. Thanks for the update on snot sucking. Picture is too cute!

  7. Any mom or grandma or loving significant baby care person who has ever sucked snot and watched with relief as the suckee could actually nose breathe would never be grossed out by this blog.

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