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Me: By the Numbers

After two lovely days at home with the kids, Isabelle went back to school (albeit after a two-hour delay) this morning. Unfortunately, Ari came down with his first cold. He’s a cranky-pants this evening. Therefore, I wanted to try out a format that I heard Teri tried earlier this week. It’s a math autobiography. Here goes:

  1. I’m an only child. Even though I wanted a brother or sister for years, I’m thankful to be blessed with wonderful parents. (And by wonderful, I mean parents who have sacrificed and would do anything for me, my husband, and our children.)
  2. These two! It’s like a mutual admiration society every morning before my daughter goes off to school.

    I have two children: Isabelle and Ari. They make me want to work to make this world a better place. (By “better place” that means anything from using my voice to call my elected officials to turning off the water when I brush my teeth.) I want them to grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive citizens.

  3. Three are the number of grandparents I grew up with. My dad’s mother passed away a few months after I was born. I’ve heard so many stories about her. I know we would’ve gotten along fabulously if she had lived longer. [Both of my grandfathers passed away within months of me becoming a Bat Mitzvah. (Actually, today is the anniversary of my Grandpa Morris’s passing.) Fortunately, my mom’s mom was in my life until I was a couple of months shy of my 30th birthday.]
  4. Four are the number of people in our house. People have said, “you have a million-dollar family” now that Marc and I have a son and a daughter. (That comment nauseates me.) We’ve been told “now you’re done.” (We would’ve been finished having kids even if we had another girl!)
  5. Five are the number of first cousins I had growing up. They were all boys! I always wished I could’ve had a female first cousin since the boys were sometimes mean to me. Fortunately, I now consider one of those “boy cousins” to be one of my friends. Funny how time changes our relationships!
  6. Six years is the age difference between my children. I didn’t expect to have such a large span of time in-between my kids, but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
  7. Seven hours is the minimum amount of time I need to sleep to feel rested. I prefer to get eight to nine hours of sleep a night, but that hasn’t happened regularly since Ari was born. (Contrary to what some people say, I got back to a normal sleep schedule after having my first child.)
  8. We’ve lived in Pennsylvania for nearly eight years.  It still doesn’t feel 100% like home even though we own our own home. (NYC still feels like home. This is something that’s only understood by people who’ve lived in the City and have left.)
  9. Marc and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this past December.
  10. Two Writing Teachers will celebrate it’s tenth blogging anniversary this June. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for ten years!
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16 thoughts on “Me: By the Numbers

  1. I think I will have to steal this format for a post soon. How much you were able to express within the structure! I think this would be a great classroom community builder too. I’ll have to think about that some more.

  2. Great format (yes, I’ll probably be copying it sometime). I had to laugh at your #4. I used to get the same comments from people because I had a boy and a girl. I never truly understood it since so many factors go into decisions about family size.

  3. So fun and creative. I’m not only going to try this, I’m going to take it to my students to try. Once again, twowritingteachers is inspiring my classroom full of writers.

  4. I’m enjoying reading these number biographies and liked reading yours, too. As a reader, it was nice to get background story about you at each number. I like that your bio was connected by family.

  5. Such a creative format for a slice! Definitely borrowing this at some point. I’m an only child and never imagined I’d also have an only child. I imagined a big family! Though I loved being an only child (everything for ME!)

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