I cringed when I found out my daughter needed bloodwork. Like most kids, she detests needles. I mentally prepared myself, but ultimately passed the task of telling her to my husband. Marc delivers news like this all of the time. Plus, I figured if I was going to be the one taking her to get the. Looks drawn, then he should be the one to break the bad news. (Co-parenting at its best!)
So this morning, after I did Isabelle’s hair, I said, “I’m going to pick you up at carpool today.”
“How come?” 
“Go down and ask Daddy after you tell him what you want for breakfast.”
A few minutes later, when I changed Ari out of his pj’s, I heard the quiver in her little voice followed by a lot of questions. Oh dear, I thought. This afternoon is going to be horrendous.
I dreaded picking Isabelle up all day. I knew she’d be nervous. However, she was surprisingly calm in the car. She even seemed totally ready when we walked up to the lab.
“Why’s it dark in there?” I asked as I opened the door.
A phlebotomist was sitting there — in the dark waiting room — as I entered.
“We closed a few minutes ago,” she said.
Noooooooo! I could’ve pulled Isabelle out of school early. She was mentally prepared and now this wasn’t going to happen. Shooty-shoot-shoot! (Okay, those last words were edited from the curse words I actually repeated in my head.)
I thought quickly and realized I could get her back in the car and drive another 15 minutes to a still-opened lab. 
And that’s exactly what we did.
Once at the new lab, we waited about ten minutes until we were called. I reminded Isabelle, “if you’d stay calm, then it won’t hurt as much.” I thought my words would fall on deaf ears, but — much to my surprise — she stayed calm as the phlebotomist checked for the best vein. I held Isabelle’s free arm down while a second phlebotomist held the arm getting the butterfly needle still. Then the main phlebotomist drew Isabelle’s blood. Unlike her mama, Isabelle watched the whole thing and stayed calm the entire time. I was amazed and thrilled! (She’s had two other blood tests in her life and they didn’t go this well. Seeing her hold it together filled me with relief.)
Naturally, a special treat — sure to ruin her appetite before dinner — was in order. We drove to the nearest bakery where she selected a chocolate cake pop. 
Now I hope the results of the bloodwork will be be as good as she was during the blood test today.


24 thoughts on “Bloodwork 

  1. Yeah for Isabelle!!! From the pics and video you post of her with Ari – she seems like she takes the “big sister” role very seriously. I imagined her walking up to the lab with you as the big girl she is – and will continue to be!

  2. Bloodwork is no fun for anyone! That’s amazing that she was full of so much courage and bravery! Bravo Isabelle — and prayers for great results!

  3. I don’t look either. I’ve always thought those who look are fascinated by such things. Isabelle is brave and who knows, maybe interesting in how our body works!

  4. Oh, poor little one. What a brave girl she was. My eldest used to panic every time we drove past the “blood test shop.’ Looks like they have improved their technique in the last 20 years or so. Hope the results are ok. 🙂

  5. I am the worst at getting needles – especially blood being drawn. I could barely read this! I am glad you took her that day -the anticipation is the worst. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. You are so right, Stacey–no one wants to see a child in pain. I hate blood work too; Isabelle was brave and calm. Giving her an appetite busting treat was absolutely the right move.

  7. The heart doesn’t hurt less for your children as they get older. I think we have a harder time than they do. I feel it still. Each one of those flu shots and all the anxiety that goes with it. We are all feeling it with you.

  8. When it’s a good visit, it will help for next time too. Glad you got it done! Still, hard for the mom!

  9. Parenting is a series of sales pitches. SO much of it is how you present it to your children. Love the way you shared the shooty-shoot-shoot. I could so hear you, and those weren’t the words exactly I was hearing.

  10. The lure of a goodie will be remembered. One time I got a fancy lolly pop for one of them as a reward for some medical procceedure as we got our prescription…it was a pop that resonated again and again for many years! She is really growing up

  11. Nice! Praying that the results are good too! I was always the one crying and hiding under chairs at the doctors office at just the thought of shots and blood draws. You described your own expectations and emotions so well!

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