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Sunday Mornings

Selfie with a Stuffed Animal
Anyone who read the acknowledgments of Craft Moves (People read those, right?!!?) may remember my husband spends most of his Sundays with our daughter. First, they eat breakfast at a local diner. Then, they run errands and do the grocery shopping. Whenever she’s in the mood, they’ll visit a park, playground, or Sky Zone.

Now that Ari is here, they still do spend most Sunday mornings together. However, I no longer spend my Sunday mornings writing. Instead, my Sunday mornings are filled with feedings, diaper changes, and playing with my little guy on the carpet. 

Until a couple of weeks ago, I was unable to embrace my new Sunday morning routine. I was constantly stressed that I didn’t have any time to write. However, Ari has finally begun napping in his crib (rather than on me). Now I know I’ll get some work time when he naps. It is no where near the amount of time I need, but it’s enough for me not to be stressed-out by Sunday nights. 

Someday, Ari will join Isabelle and Marc for Sunday outings. But for now, I’m going with the flow on Sunday mornings. (Catch me a year from now when WELCOME TO WRITIBGG WORKSHOP’s deadline is looming. It will be interesting to see how well I’m handling Sunday mornings.)

Reading a Book

Eating a Book


31 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. I love the Sunday morning routine Isabelle, and Marc have. Tim use to have a similar Saturday routine with our girls. It was so sweet and even years later when we would visit some of their routine stops the people working there would say to Tim, “I remember these girls coming in with you when they small and look at them now!” We don’t live in a small town, but there was something about a daddy’s day with his daughters that brought out the small town feel.

    Have you read Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino?

  2. Such a great thing your husband does with your daughter…she’ll look back in those memories. As for now, you get some extra time with your son. If you counted on that time for writing, I can see how it would be stressful, but I think you have the right attitude! He’s so cute eating his book!

  3. Eating a book. That made me chuckle. Your new routine will bring its own rewards. I sympathize as to the change in routine being something to get used to.

  4. I understand this completely! It’s took us 4 years to get into a routine that involved me getting more than the bare minimum done on weekends. Now I miss the days of having a baby sleep on me and using it as a reason to be unproductive. 🙂

  5. I often reflect on where I am now as compared to where I was. There seems to be a major shift every five years. This is your new normal. I love the way you are embracing it now. Your writing will always be here for you, but your baby, your baby will grown up and you’ll find a new normal again. Great slice, Stacey.

  6. Love the eating the book photo! Isn’t life all about adjusting to a now routine. Newly widowed (what can you do?) I find that routines ground me. However…..routines with little ones can easily blow up in our faces, right? Savor these moments….it sounds like you do!

  7. I told you at one point that it moves to man to man/woman to man/person to person when you have a second child. We’ll check in next year, but don’t forget it’s precious time!

  8. This is why they make babies so cute and cuddly, right? I love how you have embraced the go with the flow… Now that my 3 kids are older and I can have a little time to write while they are busy with their own things… we have a puppy who likes to choose those moments to eat the couch, whine to go out, or keep bringing me his rope to play. (So different from a baby, I know… but still) I need to embrace this change, and usually I do… but my morning coffee/me time… I still haven’t gone with the flow every day! 🙂

      1. Oh yes! Sometimes I try to wake up early to get something done, and almost every time I try that… my middle son wakes up to keep me company. So I pretty much know that I can’t wake up to work early!

  9. I just love to hear about the Daddy days with Isabelle! Your Sunday morning routines have changed, most definitely – and so worth it! You are such a great Mom, Stacey, and I know that you will continue to find time to write. Thank goodness we have until May 2018 to write our book. We have a good start – two chapters – and by the beginning of summer, we will have two or three more! Keep posting the wonderful photos and video clips (here and on facebook)!

  10. He is learning early that books are tasty morsels to be savored. Good for him. Enjoy this time with him, Stacey. As you know, they grow too quickly.

  11. Eating a book! I remember those days. I was always so happy yet slightly disgusted by the act. It is what they do though so I let them. 🙂 You will handle your upcoming deadlines like you handle all challenges, with grace. I have no doubt.

  12. So glad you are embracing the “new” Sunday routine– for now. It will change before you know it! I love to take my daughters grocery shopping on Sundays, too. Now I know your husband and I have something in common!

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