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Read Across America Day

waterlogue-2017-03-02-16-40-35As a parent, I’m not a fan of those special school spirit days. Other than pajama day (which is easy to manage), I dislike being burdened with finding a sports jersey that fits my daughter, making her hair look crazy, mismatching her socks, or finding another child to be her twin for a day. It’s tedious and I find it a waste of my time since I’d much rather spend my time interacting with my child, not planning her outfit.

So, imagine my delight when I opened an email from Isabelle’s school yesterday at 4:00 p.m. that announced today was Read Aloud Across America Day. Kids were supposed to bring in a real-aloud book (I could handle that.) and, if they wished, wear an outfit to reflect on one of her favorite Dr. Seuss books. Here’s the thing: my child isn’t into Dr. Seuss’s books. So there was no way that I was going to encourage Isabelle to dress up as Thing 1, the Cat in the Hat, Red Fish, etc. However, I didn’t want Isabelle to feel left out of the fun. And if there’s a day I can get myself behind, then it’s a day to dress up like a book character.

As you may have figured (if you’ve read my posts about Purim), I’m not a costume person. However, I immediately had an idea. Isabelle was a pink crayon this past Halloween. What if she dressed up in her Halloween costume (A crayon dress I bought on Etsy.) and brought inΒ The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. That’d be good, right?

Isabelle thought so. Therefore, this morning, she dressed up like a crayon and brought Daywalt’s book to school.

When she returned home from school, I inquired how the day was. (Fine.) Did she like the Dr. Seuss books? (She liked The Cat in the Hat.) Would she like to hear more Dr. Seuss books at home? (No.) Did she mind not being dressed up like a Dr. Seuss character? (No.)

I think I did fine — all things considered.

G-d help me the next time there’s a spirit day. I can handle a book-related day any time, but you know the next one will be something like time travel day… and I’m not equipped for that!

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25 thoughts on “Read Across America Day

  1. I love that pink crayon dress! I am definitely a costume person- lol. I sympathize with you though when it comes to spending time managing the outfits. Sometimes we teachers really need to think about the parents at home when we plan special events at school. Too much can be difficult and who likes to seem the party pooper? Nobody! I love how it worked out– G-d’s help and all. If you need cardboard and foil plans for that time travel machine, I’ve gotcha covered ; )

  2. Yay! Somebody else who is not into these crazy, special outfits, days! It’s hard for me since my background is teaching K for 30 years, and my goodness, shouldn’t a K teacher be into this?! Now that I am a coach, and my own children are long out of the nest, life is easier when it comes to dressing for school-whew! Sadly though, none of my K colleagues really celebrated RAA Day this year 😦

  3. Honestly, Twin Days are my absolute least favorite of all spirit days, as they are full of hurt and exclusion. Love the bring a book concept, and I’m with you–not a big fan of spirit days. Also love how you captured her conversation. You always do that so well.

  4. I love your honesty in this post! I am with you on that. Even as a teacher, I always found myself the morning of one of the spirit days digging through the school drama cupboard looking to throw something together. Who has time to put all of those costumes together? Not me! It sounds like you did very well on this one though!

  5. I”m with you on this all – I’m a building Principal and a mom and I don’t like school spirit days for the same reason! I’m also not a costume person myself – so Halloween and Purim are not holidays I look forward to. I feel guilty that I’ve passed this on to my kiddos! Thanks for the honesty of your slice!

  6. I am so with you . . . it has to be free, accessible to all, fun, and take two minutes or less to prep – or it should be LEFT out! It’s divisive. Not “community-building” and often another elitist activity! Darn – pushed my button!

  7. Isabelle looks great in her crayon dress, and who doesn’t love Drew Daywalt’s books! I am not sure spirit days end up being celebrated in the right spirit. I love the idea of celebrating Dr. Seuss but allowing students to bring in a favorite book even if it isn’t a Dr. Seuss book. Good for Isabelle, too, to be honest about what she enjoys and what she doesn’t enjoy!

  8. Your so right! Sometimes the extra planning and effort takes the fun out of these days. You are such a great mom to help her have something for school despite the work. My favorite part is that the spirit day did not change her mind regarding Dr. Seuss- no she didn’t mind that she wasn’t the Dr. Seuss character! Maybe next time she makes her own costume…… πŸ™‚

  9. Oh my goodness, Stacey, I thought I was the only one, or it was because I had been a secondary level teacher. Mea came down one morning wondering what she could wear for 80s day. I was like, girlfriend, I threw all of that stuff away in the 90s. She did wear a “Thing Daughter” shirt yesterday. I know it’s important to break things up, but I so appreciate teachers who use brain break and celebrations as “purposeful play” instead of just as time to watch a movie.

    1. Would you believe the student council at her school is sponsoring a dress-up week next week? Special days include inside-out/backwards day, crazy sock day, and crazy hair day. I can’t stand this!!!!!!!!

  10. I must admit I never understood the value in crazy sock or hair day, etc. It just seems to be a distraction rather than a support to the learning. I’m all for fun at school, but really…a whole week? Good luck!

  11. This had me laughing! When Claire started kindergarten, she rebelled against Spirit Days. “They can’t make me wear red if I don’t want to!” I agreed with her but worried she’d feel left out. She never did. Of course, when Pink Day arrived, she suddenly found her school spirit. πŸ™‚

  12. I can live w/out the pressure to dress up, too, but I love the pink crayon idea. Perfect.

    High school teachers get a lot of pressure to dress in school colors, and come Make-a-Wish day, we’re supposed to purchase a t-shirt for the child student government is sponsoring and wear the t-shirt for an assembly. It’s a one-off for me. I am not a t-shirt person.

  13. No disagreement here!

    I am on board with hat day. Sometimes PJ day. That’s it.

    I also stink at conducting themed birthday parties and maintaining scrapbooks, for the record.

  14. Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one who felt this way as a parent! In theory I love the idea of dress up days and then in reality it’s just too much work! Sounds like a win for everyone this time though. What a fun little slice of life!

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