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An Overabundance of Scotch Tape (on paper) #sol16

My supplies are being depleted! Specifically, my scotch tape supply. Isabelle has taken a liking to making scotch tape art. I constantly hear the pull of scotch tape coming out of the dispenser! In fact, she’s used three rolls of it in the past two weeks. It’s out of control. Click here to see what I mean!


Scotch Tape -- Overuse
Today’s the final day of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thank you to everyone who stopped by this month to read and comment on slices of my life!

Head over to for more slices of life.
Head over to for more slices of life.

3 thoughts on “An Overabundance of Scotch Tape (on paper) #sol16

  1. HA! There is something really fun about scotch tape. Janie went through a tape-aholic phase too. I think she still occasionally slips back into it. My third graders go through it like crazy. Incidentally, this reminds me I really need to replenish my supply!

  2. Lots of terrific learning and creating going on! Go buy some of the cheap kind, not the real scotch tape, and let her tape away! Just don’t show her the fancy duct tape- that’s EXPENSIVE! My boys went through a duct tape wallet phase and holy cow, I bet I spent $100 before they were done with that!

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