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Kisses #sol16

Isabelle has been wiping off kisses — as a joke — for the past few weeks. It’s playful and funny. It doesn’t offend me one bit. However, I like to pretend I’m offended. This morning I captured an exchange between the two of us about wiping away the kisses I give her.

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14 thoughts on “Kisses #sol16

  1. How cool that you were able to capture that conversation between the two of you! We often talk about keeping writing as a piece of history that we’ll have forever….this is another piece of history right here. Our voices are so special, so unique. They are such a big important part of who we are. Isabelle will love to listen back on this one day when she is older.

  2. Her giggle! I love that! She’s so playful with it and honest. Reminds me of my little guys. They love to work me too. This is so great. The conversation is so true to mother and young daughter. I absolutely love this. It’s precious!

  3. Contagious laughter! So much fun – thanks for sharing the audio recording of your conversation for our last day. I think Isabelle knows how to have fun! What a fun title for a picture book: Wiping Off Kisses! Perhaps there is a story to write here? Stacey, thank so much for this wonderful opportunity. I will return each Tuesday to slice. It has been wonderful!

  4. Love the audio — touching and great beginning to teaching her about elaboration strategies in opinion writing and point of view. Sorry – yes I went there!!! Stacey – words cannot describe the admiration I have for you – your vision, your revision and your dedication to slice of Life — it is truly incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you on Tuesday!

  5. What a wonderful peek into your private world. The use of audio to present this slice was perfect – it added so much to the conversation. Thanks for everything. I look forward to continuing to watch Isabelle grow.

  6. I loved this! Such an ordinary exchange between mom and daughter, yet it has so much meaning and love behind it. Also, I totally heard a New Joisey accent in there! 😉

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